Expired passport, insurance and vaccination: what vacationers should pay attention to shortly before departure – Berlin

If you find out shortly before your trip that your identity card or passport has expired, you don’t have to worry about your vacation: the interior administration advises you to contact a Berlin Citizen Registration Office directly. There you can request temporary identification documents, which will be delivered immediately. Even those who did not have a passport before receive their document at short notice. This is even considered an emergency by the citizen registration offices, so there is no need to book an appointment far in advance. A biometric passport photo, on the other hand, does.

But be careful: a provisional passport does not contain a chip that can also be used to capture fingerprints; however, in some countries visa-free entry is only possible if the passport contains such a chip. Therefore, it is essential to clarify in advance whether the provisional passport is also recognized in the country of travel. The Federal Foreign Office will provide you with information on this. The provisional passport costs 26 euros, regardless of age, and is valid for twelve months.

Even those who are already in BER and discover that their identity documents are missing do not have to stop their trip immediately. The federal police will help and issue replacement documents under certain conditions. A biometric passport photo is also required. There are usually service providers for this at the airport or larger train stations. Also in this case, it should be checked whether the replacement documents are accepted in the country of travel.

If you still have a little more time before departure, you can also request an express passport. For an additional fee of 32 euros, it will be prepared by the Federal Printing House within a maximum period of four days and delivered to the Citizen Registration Office.

A passport costs 60 euros for people over 24 years of age and is valid for ten years. The passport for children under 24 costs 37.50 euros and is valid for six years.

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Anyone who travels abroad and has compulsory health insurance should think about foreign travel health insurance. Outside the EU and some countries with which Germany has a social security agreement, statutory health insurance companies do not reimburse any costs. In the US in particular, this can quickly become expensive, warns the General Association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV) in its consumer portal “Die Versicherunger”.

If you want to be vaccinated in the short term, you should not go to the family doctor

According to the GDV, foreign travel medical insurance covers the following services: medical care and medical treatment in case of acute illnesses and accidents, hospital treatment, dental treatment for pain relief, medicines, dressings and remedies, medically necessary patient transportation to Germany and transport costs in the event of death of the insured or burial costs incurred abroad.

Anyone traveling within the EU is insured with the European Health Card (TSE). If the EHIC is not shown on the insurance card, the Federal Ministry of Health recommends that the health insurance company issue a certificate of entitlement. The TSE does not cover transportation back to Germany.

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Traveling to a certain country may require proper vaccination. If you want to get vaccinated in the short term, you do not necessarily have to go to the family doctor, recommends the travel medicine outpatient clinic of the Institute of Tropical Medicine and International Health in Charité on the Virchow-Klinikum campus. Yellow fever vaccine can only be administered at state-approved yellow fever vaccination centers.

How quickly a travel vaccine can be given depends on the disease being vaccinated against. The Charité travel medicine clinic is open from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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