Financial News Insurance: Property Fence Claim: “Gone with the Wind”

You noticed how violent storms recently swept through much of Germany. Many customers needed quick help, simple solutions. In this case, special care was required:

According to his own statement, the client erected a 25 meter long property fence about ten years ago on his own. It is a wooden lattice fence about 120 cm high, it is actually not particularly susceptible to wind loads. Perhaps that is why the fence remained in its slightly greyish glory until mid-February of this year.

During construction, the client placed concrete blocks (dimensions: 21 cm wide x 14 cm high x 28 cm long) in a row as basic elements, drilled into the blocks and glued into post footings. The stones were not interlocked with each other, nor were the post footings deep enough into the foundations. Occasionally I jokingly explain “leverage” to my 5-year-old son. It is obvious that the bricks can become dislodged from the mortar bed if a lateral force is applied. Result: slight inconsistency. Measuring this damage requires some negotiating skills, but somehow a fair solution can usually be found.

Now comes the problem: the client and Zaun are ten years older together. Now a craftsman must go. The craftsman does not beat around the bush, he wants to do it well and give a guarantee. Estimated almost 100 hours and a mini excavator: Dismantling, removal of concrete blocks, excavation, creation of strip foundations, assembly of existing fence elements. The costs amount to more than 9,000 EUR. Overbidding in insurance claims is a chapter in its own right. He already knows: “Sometimes, unfortunately, it can be a little more.”

Despite personal discussions on site, phone calls, and subsequent correspondence, the client fails to see that the costs of a new foundation, now demanding reimbursement, are incurred primarily on the labor he saved by erecting the fence. “What am I insured for then?” Our cliché is played out, and sadly, it probably felt that way too: “Typical insurance.”

In such damage, we as an industry are being asked to explain and explain as much as possible, but also to stop it if people want to rehabilitate themselves at the expense of the community. It is particularly sad and difficult to bear when the customer is uncompromising and the disappointment spreads in conversations with friends or on Internet forums. Good mediation for insurance claims is becoming increasingly important and, if successful, creates a win-win situation for the client and the insurer. To generate an insight into the present damage case, it probably takes a bit more energy and maybe just time.

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