Financial news Motor vehicle business: e-cars and insurance: comprehensive protection for the customer

Comprehensive protection makes sense – new price compensation too!

In addition to the legally required liability insurance, comprehensive insurance is especially important for expensive electric car models. All-risk insurance protects vehicles against natural forces such as hail or storms, damage caused by animals, theft and theft, as well as glass damage. By taking out comprehensive insurance, the insured receives all the benefits of comprehensive insurance and is also protected in the event of self-inflicted damage and damage caused by vandalism.

Compensation of the replacement price in all-risk insurance is recommended. In case of total loss of the vehicle, the motor vehicle insurance covers the expenses that the owner has to pay for the purchase of a new vehicle with the insured equipment. High-performance auto insurance companies guarantee compensation for the new prices for first-time registrations for up to 36 months. The consideration for used cars is purchase price compensation: guarantees the insured person reimbursement of the used vehicle price paid for the vehicle for up to 36 months if a cancellation, destruction or total loss occurs within 36 months after purchase.

secure the gap

If the electric car is leased, GAP coverage makes sense: in case of damage, it reimburses the difference between the residual value of the lease and the actual residual value of the vehicle, which is usually lower; otherwise the lessee has to pay this amount out of his own head out of pocket for Intermediaries should definitely address this issue if the retailer has not yet sensitized the customer.

battery protection

One of the trickiest points that intermediaries have to take into account when taking out insurance for an electric car: battery protection. Ideally, motor vehicle insurance covers the costs of damage, destruction, loss or total loss of the battery, as comprehensive coverage against all possible risks, only wear and tear is excluded. The sum insured must be generous: high-yield rates offer unlimited protection. These policies usually also cover the risk of damage caused by short circuits and animal bites, with consequences for the battery and the high voltage cable. This guarantees complete protection for the battery and therefore for the heart of the vehicle.

Wall box and infrastructure

Brokers and car owners should also include the wall box as a charging station in the insurance concept. On the motor vehicle insurance side, some providers offer the option of including the wall box in your protection; drivers of electric cars also extensively insure them against damage with this. However, the Wallbox is also protected by the building insurance, against classic hazards such as fire, storms, hail, running water and also against natural hazards such as e.g. B. a flood, insured persons can protect the charging station in this way. More extensive is the protection of residential building insurance, which also insures wallboxes either expressly or within the scope of unnamed risks: Then other risks such as arcing or theft of the wallbox are also insured.

Of course, the question of what insurance coverage is required if it is not the charging station itself that is damaged, but causes damage, for example, to the electric car, can also be interesting. This is where fully comprehensive car insurance comes into play. And motor vehicle liability insurance also becomes a problem if a burning electric vehicle damages the garage or another building; in this case, the vehicle owner’s insurance coverage must pay for the damage.

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