Financial test: The best accident assistance offers for the elderly

10/18/2022 – For the elderly, simple accident insurance is not enough in an emergency. Additional care services can ensure supply: as a letter of protection or as a complementary component of the policy. For Finanztest publishers, 35 of 72 offers are recommended. Protection cards from Huk24 and Arag were rated “good and cheap”.

“Insurance makes sense for everyone who does not need money but support at home after an accident,” write the editors of Stiftung Warentest in issue 11/2022 of their magazine Finanztest.

In the edition, testers compare a total of 72 rates from accident insurers that offer assistance services separately through an accident insurance letter or in combination with an accident policy. The article does not tell the reader how the 41 vendors were selected. The evaluation focuses on offers for the elderly.

“The idea behind it: the risk of falls and accidents increases with age. According to estimates, more than five million people over the age of 65 fall each year in their own home,” says the magazine’s article on customer model choice.

Minimum requirements for Finanztest recommendation

For comparison, the product testers define a minimum scope that the rates must offer to be included in the comparison table under “recommended offers”. Offers for seniors must include the following services:

  • Assumption of costs and organization of assistance.
  • After an accident, child support must be paid for six months.
  • The definition of “essential care” is based on the model conditions of the German Insurance Association (GDV) (BB Hilfe und Pflege 2020, PDF, 36.8 KB). This includes menu service, accompaniment to the doctor, apartment cleaning or 24-hour home emergency service.
  • Additional useful services such as support after a femoral neck fracture or heart attack and pet care.

The evaluators defined the minimum scope established for two model clients of 65 and 75 years. The fees should offer immediate help in case an affected person wants to stay in their familiar environment after an accident and can still cope with everyday life with support, the article says.

Assistance in accidents for the elderly for less than 100 euros

Of the total rates that appear in the table, 13 include only ancillary services. 59 The offers are only available in combination with accident insurance, which also provides financial support in an emergency.

The editors recommend 35 letters of protection and accident insurance plus endorsement that meet the specified requirements. The price range for a 65-year-old model customer is from 48 euros per year at Huk24 AG to 206 euros at Ergo Versicherung AG.

For someone over 75, the insurance is more expensive: the insured pays 71 euros with Huk24 as the cheapest offer and 333 euros with the most expensive offer with Ergo.

Finanztest describes Huk24’s “Classic + Accident Protection Charter” for 48 euros per year as particularly “inexpensive and recommendable” for a new 65-year-old customer. For a 75-year-old, the evaluators recommend the “accident protection letter” from Arag Allgemeine Versicherungs-AG for 69 euros.

Assistance services make sense because they offer concrete and practical support to those who have been injured in an accident.

Financial test, number 11/2022

The best deals for seniors

Finanztest classifies 34 offers as “recommended with restrictions” because the rates do not meet or partially meet the minimum requirements. The editors listed three fares as “not recommended”. These include two offers from Ammerländer Versicherung VVaG (“Comfort + Daily Assistance” and “Exclusive + Daily Assistance”) and one from LBN-Versicherungsverein aG (“Assistance”).

Not all accident insurance or cover letters can be contracted from the age of 75. These fares meet the raters’ criteria and are listed in the comparison table as “recommended offers” in alphabetical order without rating:

  • Allianz Versicherungs-AG: “Smart Accident Protection + Full Service”,
  • Alte Leipziger Versicherung AG: “Help and care for the Compact + package”, “Help and care for the Classic + package” and “Help and care for the Comfort + package”,
  • Arag: “Accident Protection Letter”, “Daily Helper” and “Daily Helper Plus”,
  • DA Deutsche Allgemeine Versicherung AG: “Basic private protection + assistance packages with rehabilitation management”, “Comfort private protection + assistance packages with rehabilitation management” and “Superior private protection + assistance packages with rehabilitation management”,
  • Ergo: “Smart Accident Insurance + Accident Assistance Plus”,
  • Huk-Coburg Allgemeine Versicherungs-AG: “Classic + Accident Protection Charter”,
  • Huk24: “Classic + crash protection card”,
  • Inter Allgemeine Versicherung AG: “Exclusive Plus Care”,
  • Interlloyd Versicherungs-AG: “Accident Protection Charter”, “Daily Helper” and “Daily Helper Plus”,
  • Interrisk Versicherungs-AG Vienna Insurance Group: “XXL with standard rate”,
  • R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG: “Risk and Accident Police with HelpPlus” and “Risk and Accident Police PremiumPlus with HelpPlus”,
  • Signal Iduna Unfallversicherung aG: “Pure”, “Basic + care/support” and “Premium + care/support”,
  • Stuttgarter Versicherung AG: “Accident insurance + outpatient care (model 1)” and “Accident insurance + outpatient care (model 2)”,
  • Insurers in the Kirchen Sachversicherung AG area: “Classic + Accident Coverage”,
  • WGV Seguros AG: “Plus”,
  • Württembergische Versicherung AG: “privat50plus accident insurance compact protection”, “private50plus accident insurance comfort protection” and “private50plus accident insurance premium protection”,
  • WWK Allgemeine Versicherung AG: “Accident insurance + accident protection card”, “Accident insurance plus + accident protection card” and WWK: “Accident insurance plus Xtra + accident protection card”,
  • Zurich Insurance plc, Branch for Germany: “Private Protection Basic Package + Assistance with Rehabilitation Management” and “Private Protection Package + Superior Assistance with Rehabilitation Management”.

What accident insurance is good and cheap?

Finanztest’s statement on the comparison is: “Assistance services make sense because they offer concrete and practical support to those who have been injured in an accident. Our conclusion: it is advisable to enter into such a contract if no one else can provide this assistance after an accident.”

Excerpts from the article “Uncomplicated Help for Emergencies” are posted on the foundation’s website. The magazine article can be activated here for 4.90 EUR.

A year ago, product testers examined private accident insurance (VersicherungsJournal June 17, 2021). For the first time, not only insurance policies were reviewed, but also coverage concept providers (June 17, 2021).

The only very good cheap rate comes from Manufaktur Augsburg GmbH (risk broker: Element Insurance AG). Behind are Waldenburger Versicherung AG with “Premium (no horse riding, skiing and motorcycling)” and Degenia Versicherungsdienst AG (venture race: Waldenburger).


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