FMVÖ-Recommender-Award 2021: Banks and insurers defy the crisis

Customers’ willingness to recommend remains unchanged in the pandemic; Received 26 FMVÖ recommender seals of approval for excellent, excellent and very good customer orientation

Vienna (OTS) At the 15th anniversary of the FMVÖ-Recommender-Award on May 19, the recommender champions among Austrian banks and insurance companies were honored. The motto of the online gala of the Austrian Financial Marketing Association (FMVÖ) was “Change Value”. Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich, GRAWE, Hypo Vorarlberg, Tiroler Versicherung, Zurich Connect and N26 were the winners in six categories. The three special awards went to Raiffeisenlandesbank Steiermark, UNIQA and Oberösterreichische Versicherung.

As in the previous year, the FMVÖ Recommender Awards 2021 were presented as an online event. To determine this year’s winners in all six categories and special awards, the market research institute Telemark Marketing asked around 8,000 clients of Austrian banks and insurance companies in the first quarter of 2021 about their willingness to recommend their institute. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) was used as an evaluation tool. This time, the 15th FMVÖ-Recommender-Award could bring a series of victories, but also surprises.

President of FMVÖ was pleased in his welcome speech Eric Mayerthat the FMVÖ-Recommender has established itself as THE AWARD in the financial sector throughout its 15 years of existence and is an integral part of the marketing and communication measures of Austrian banks and insurance companies every year.

New category winners among banks

There was a transfer of relays with respect to the previous year between the big banks: The previous runner-up RLB Upper Austria relegated last year’s winner Erste Bank to second place and thus won the 2021 Recommender Award. The two institutes and the third placed Raiffeisenlandesbank NÖ/Vienna received a “very good” Recommender seal of approval . There was a close race in the category regional banks: This is where last year’s second place advanced Hiccup Vorarlberg for the winner, second place went to last year’s winner Kärntner Sparkasse, third place to Tiroler Sparkasse. All three institutes, as well as the Raiffeisen regional banks in Vorarlberg and Burgenland, receive an “excellent” recommendation seal of approval. He qualified for the competition for the first time and went straight to the top Direct banks and specialists for N26 as the winner of the category and Hello bank! as runners-up. Former series winner easybank came third this year and, like the other two institutes, received an ‘excellent’ stamp of approval.

Insurance: Exciting head-to-head racing

While the winners of the series GRAWE received the Recommender Award by a clear margin and an excellent seal of approval from the insurance companies nationwide could search, there was in the regional insurance an adjusted result: safe tyrolean became the winner, followed by Niederösterreichische Versicherung and Vorarlberger Landes-Versicherung in second and third place; all three received an “outstanding” stamp of approval. The first three are just as close together. Direct and special insurance: Here you could get the Connect Zurich – before mutual insurance company muki and ARAG – as winners, the three institutes also received a “very good” stamp of approval.

The industry average for financial institutions was flat compared to the previous year with an NPS of 19% for banks and an NPS of 17% for insurance companies. “It is very gratifying for us that the willingness of customers to recommend us seems unwavering despite the pandemic. The industry NPS has remained the same for both banks and insurance companies. We were able to see individual outliers going down in all categories, but at the same time there were also newcomers and institutes that were able to improve tremendously compared to the previous year.”studio leader strip Robert Sobotkaboard member of FMVÖ and managing director of Telemark Marketing, his 2021 recommendation survey summary. bank99 entered the rating for the first time this year with an excellent value of 33% and was rated as the highest increase among all institutes “Rising Star of the Year” Excellent.

Encouraging consultants in banks and insurance companies.

As president of FMVÖ Eric Mayer highlighted during the award ceremony, the FMVÖ Recommender Award is not only used to select the best institutes. The three special awards also recognized advisory services provided by employees of banks and insurance companies. “Each institute is only as good as its team. Therefore, we are pleased to also be able to express our appreciation to the people who work in customer service and advice with special awards for best customer service and best claims handling.”Mayer explains. at special price Bank with the best customer service could the team Raiffeisen Landesbank Styria get the special prize in the Insurance companies with the best customer advice won that year UNIQA this special award. In the area damage management went back to look for Upper Austria Insurance the laurels

Value of change in the financial industry

The renowned meteorologist and climate researcher was the main speaker of the evening Prof. Dr. Helga Kromp-Kolb. In his presentation, he addressed the connection between climate change and the financial system: “Transferring climate change and sustainability to the financial system means that we no longer live on interest, but on capital. Finance must perform a balancing act by remaining viable within the current system, but at the same time ensuring that the system changes in such a way that sustainable finance is possible; that’s a double task. If we invest poorly, the old structures will prevent us from changing what is necessary.” According to Prof. Dr. Kromp-Kolb, investments should automatically flow into green systems. He was convinced that there will definitely be a transformation: either it will overtake us or we can shape it and use it to direct where things will go. “If those affected themselves participate, this transformation will be calmer and more fluid and will be valuable for everyone,” he concludes.

In the subsequent round of reflection on the FMVÖ annual theme and the motto of the evening “Change Value”, Kromp-Kolb took part in the discussion. CEO of KURIER, Thomas Kralinger Y Juergen Leitner, Partner EFS Consultingamong other things about how working models have changed in times of the corona pandemic, what changes will continue in the future and what lessons can be learned from the crisis.


FMVÖ-Recommender 2021 is supported by the following partners and sponsors, among others: Fujitsu, Simon-Kucher & Partner; Mail, Leadersnet; BAWAG PSK, Echo-Medienhaus, Austrian Civil Servants Insurance, EFS-Consulting, Wiener Städtische Versicherung AG, bank99, Grazer Wechselseitiger Versicherung AG, Carinthian State Insurance, Raiffeisen Bank International AG, Zürich Versicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft, Falstaff, Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann Werbegesellschaft mbH, Lower Austria Versicherung AG, Donau Allgemeine Versicherungs-AG, Oberbank AG.

About the Austrian Financial Marketing Association (FMVÖ)

Since 1990, the Austrian Financial Marketing Association has served as a platform for marketing, communication and sales managers in the banking and insurance sector in Austria. The focus is on the exchange on current industry issues, for example through the organization of regular events, but the exchange of experiences and networking between members also takes on a wide scope. With the “FMVÖ-Recommender-Award”, in which the customer satisfaction of Austrian banks and insurance companies is evaluated every year, FMVÖ created a valuable marketing tool for the industry in 2007. The weekly newsletter ForumF (www is published in cooperation with Momentum Vienna and keeps the Austrian financial sector up to date on a wide range of current marketing and innovation topics.

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