Hotel fire: Ruin safety depends on insurance

The conversation with the bankruptcy administrator about the future of the ruins of the hotel fire in Habischried “has not calmed down” the mayor of Bischofsmais, Walter Nirschl. He said that after the video conference that took place on Tuesday morning, the BR.

Dangerous fire ruined would have to be insured

The Belgian bankruptcy administrator assured him that there was fire insurance and that he wanted to contact the insurance company. But it’s not yet entirely clear what will come of it.

Above all, the mayor of Bischofsmais hopes that a solution will soon be found to protect the burned ruins against unauthorized access. “It would be extremely dangerous if children or young people climbed on it out of curiosity,” says Nirschl. “It’s very important to me that nothing happens there.” He believes a stable site fence that is firmly bolted to the ground is necessary, but given the size of the site, such a fence would certainly not be cheap.

The protective fence can only be built if insurance pays

The bankruptcy administrator explained in an interview that he had no financial means for the ruined hotel. A site fence or similar would only be possible if the insurance company paid for it. It is also unclear what will happen to the burned ruins. The bankruptcy administrator wants to know how things will continue.

The mayor of Bischofsmaiser is now hoping for insurance, but he also wants legal advice. “I am attentive and trying to find a solution as soon as possible.” The community will not stop the ongoing foreclosure, which they applied for months ago in the Deggendorf district court. “Now he goes his normal way,” says Nirschl. Even fire doesn’t change that.

The reason for the foreclosure request is around 100,000 euros of debt that the owners of the hotel complex have with the municipal treasury. They had not paid several public taxes, the mayor said.

Vacant hotel: Belgian and Dutch owners

Nirschl doesn’t know who owns the former boutique hotel, which went bankrupt years ago. According to his latest knowledge, there are about 40 different owners from Belgium and the Netherlands.

The sprawling hotel complex has been empty since 2016 and was increasingly dilapidated. A huge fire broke out there over the weekend. The cause is still unclear. The damages are around 3.5 million euros.

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