How central banks are fighting inflation

How should the ECB, the Fed and company react in the midst of a tense global situation and inflation at record highs? Fast and aggressive or rather reserved? Portfolio manager Ingmar Przewlocka answers these and other questions in the current episode of the “Think. Oh Sink.” in conversation with DAS INVESTMENT editor Peter Ehlers.

“Think. Or Sink.” Podcast: Peter Ehlers talks with Ingmar Przewlocka about inflation and how central banks should react.
| Photo: Photomontage, Jessica Hunold, Schroders, Canva

To think. or go under is THE investment talk with Peter Ehlers, the founder and publisher of DAS INVESTMENT. Peter regularly speaks with various experts on interesting topics related to finance, markets and investments. The interlocutors are well-known and not so well-known experts, the “hidden experts”. The goal behind it: to impart useful and exciting financial knowledge in simple language. This always includes surprising and unconventional themes.

Current episode: What central banks are doing to world markets

private banking congress 2022 in hamburg – we were there from the start and spared no effort to get another first-class guest for an expert refreshment in our podcast van. DAS INVESTMENT Editor Peter Ehlers talks with Ingmar Przewlocka, Senior Portfolio Manager Multi-Asset at Schroders, about central bank interest rate policy and its impact on the global market. How should the ECB, the Fed and company react in the midst of a tense global situation and inflation at record highs? Fast and aggressive or rather reserved? The experienced portfolio manager finds more than clear words on this…but hear it for yourself.

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“Charcoal Talk” with Uli Harmssen

In the “Kohle-Talk” podcast series, investment expert Uli Harmssen talks with economists, fund managers and other experts about important developments and trends in the financial and capital markets. The goal of the podcast is to present complex relationships in simple words. It’s about imparting important insights so that the audience’s future investment decisions aren’t determined by emotion. Because: “If you don’t separate your money from your emotions, your emotions will separate you from your money!”

Current episode: Sense and nonsense of stock market forecasts

Investors usually act on the basis of stock market forecasts. But are these forecasts worth the paper they are published on? Investment expert Uli Harmssen discusses this with Robert Halver, Head of Capital Markets Research at Baader Bank.

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“She Talks Finances” with Christin and Barbara

ETFs, Cryptos, or Retirement Savings? In conversations between friends, money issues have not exactly been one of the main topics. Our two editors, Barbara Bocks and Christin Jahns, are wrong in their opinion. With their podcast “She talks about finances” the two want to show that it is worth talking about money. Because: Financial provision is particularly important for women and if you simply dare to broach the subject instead of sticking with good intentions, investing can be a lot of fun!

Current episode: This is how the tax return works

Don’t you understand Schedule N and the Elster portal helps you fill out the tax return as much as the bird of the same name? No problem for Yvonne Stiller. As head of the advice center of the income tax assistance association, the self-employed accountant is an absolute professional in tax matters. In the current episode, she explains when it’s worth filing taxes, what information belongs in which attachments, what she needs to deduct artisan costs, and how to properly manage her investment income.

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