How to save on car insurance

( – Accident, theft, vandalism: anyone who takes out insurance for their vehicle is protected against the costs of the worst damage. However, the insurance premium makes up a large part of the running costs of owning a car. The good news: prices vary for different vehicles, as well as for different insurance policies and companies. Some cars can be insured at a particularly low price in 2022. The used car experts at heycar Germany provide an overview.

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How to save on car insurance


There are cars with favorable insurance conditions in all classes.

All vehicle owners have liability insurance. Unlike this insurance required by law, an all-risk insurance policy is not mandatory. Rates are recalculated each year for both types of insurance and for all classes of vehicles. This shows that there are cars in all vehicle segments that are surprisingly cheap to insure.

Why is it so? Insurance companies classify vehicles into type classes. Each class receives a value that indicates how high the probability is that the insurer will have to settle a claim. Cars that are particularly low on accident or theft statistics are classified in a lower class. If, on the other hand, a certain model is often stolen, for example, the partially integral type class goes up to 34. The cheapest cars on insurance, on the other hand, are classified in the type 10 class.

In their magazine, the heycar experts have identified a selection of models of all classes for which insurance coverage is particularly cheap.

More tips to save money:

Compare and negotiate: Before hiring a policy, it is advisable to take a good look at the rates of the different insurance companies. After rate verification, a call to your own insurance company is often enough: In the face of cheaper insurance premiums from competitors or a cheaper rate for new customers, a premium reduction is often granted.

Second car or telematics rates: Car insurance costs can be reduced if a vehicle is registered as a second car. For example, novice drivers have the option of registering the vehicle as their parent’s second car. If you drive accident-free for a specified period of time, the most favorable no-claims class applies to youth. who is an assumption telematic rate choose, you also often pay less. Here, vehicle owners grant the insurance company full access to all driving data via a transponder. The insurer sees the risk it is taking with the insured and adjusts the rate accordingly.

Insurance instead of authorized workshop: There may be a discount on the premium if the insurer can visit the workshop in case of comprehensive damage. Then choose not the expensive authorized dealer, but a cheaper alternative.

Choose your deductible wisely: You can also save money by paying a portion yourself in case of damage. Depending on the insurance rate, it may make sense to pay for minor damage yourself. Otherwise, policyholders risk being downgraded in the no-claims bonus, even for small damages paid by the insurance company. However, this only applies to liability and comprehensive insurance, not partial comprehensive insurance.

Up to three months premium-free car insurance at

Currently, heycar customers can benefit from a particularly extensive and exclusive service package: Anyone who buys a vehicle on from a participating dealer as part of the “Finance & Profit” offer and finances the purchase via Volkswagen Bank GmbH receives three months of premium -Free car insurance from Volkswagen Autoversicherung AG. Customers who opt for leasing or cash purchase benefit from one month of insurance without a premium.

You can find more information about the insurance offer here.

The offer at a glance:

3-month premium-free car insurance when financing through Volkswagen Bank GmbH 1-month premium-free car insurance for leasing or cash purchases Offer valid until December 31, 2022 Insurance consisting of civil liability and all risk with excess of €500/€150 and GAP coverage. Contact your participating dealer for more information. exclusively at

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