If the insurance company organizes concrete aid

Accident insurance with assistance services organize daily help and menu service after an accident. 35 of 72 rates are recommended in the test. According to testers, this is particularly helpful for single people and seniors whose families live far away.

The insurance is available as part of the accident insurance or as a separate fee. Assistance services, often also referred to as accident insurance letter or “ambulatory assistance”, are specific assistance services. Instead of a capital payment, as is the case with classic accident insurance, insurance companies organize and pay for practical assistance through service providers.

Also cheap deals

The cost of the insurance varies, among other things, depending on the benefits included and the age at the time of contracting. Recommended rates for 65-year-olds cost between 48 and 225 euros per year, 75-year-olds pay between 69 and 333 euros.

The 35 recommended offers comply with the minimum scope of assistance defined by Finanztest and do not end automatically when a maximum insurance age is reached. Even if some insurance companies no longer accept people over 70, 75 or 80 years old. The scope of services and the minimum services required by Stiftung Warentest also include a daily menu service, trips to therapies and doctors or an emergency home call service. With the recommended rates, insurers organize and pay for such help, usually for a maximum of six months.

supervisor substitute

According to the evaluators, it is important that a care fee includes the care of a relative. After all, older couples often look out for each other. If the supervisor is temporarily unable to perform the task due to an accident, a replacement must be found and paid for. The recommended rates in the test include this service.

Compared to the help that can be requested from the compulsory health insurance, the accident assistance insurance provides faster, less bureaucratic and generally longer help. Important to know: As a general rule, you do not pay if the need for help has arisen as a result of illness. Help with long-term care needs is also not included.

Requirement: Anyone who is overwhelmed with organizing help after an accident and has no one nearby to take care of them, it makes sense to take out accident assistance insurance. This gives you immediate help on a temporary basis in daily life: such as menu service, grocery shopping or cleaning the apartment.

Selection: There are rates that only include assistance services and those that combine them with accident insurance. Both variants are side by side on equal terms. The target groups are mostly singles and older people. The Huk24 Classic rate + accident insurance for 48 euros per year is especially good and recommended for new customers over 65 years of age, and the Arag accident coverage for 69 euros for those over 75 years of age.

Existing contract: Classic accident insurance sometimes also includes assistance services. So check the contract if you already have an accident policy.

In need of care: The offers do not contain any aid for the nursing case. Anyone who needs long-term help with everyday life should contact long-term care insurance as soon as possible.


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