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Pull apart

Don’t be a curmudgeon: Deutsche Familienversicherung announces OB Feldmann’s misstep at Eintracht Frankfurt’s Europa League celebration. ©screenshot

It was embarrassing when OB Feldmann won the European Cup against Eintracht Frankfurt. The scene has now landed in commercials.

Frankfurt – It was the embarrassing scene of the summer: at Eintracht’s victory celebration after the Europa League triumph, a smiling mayor Peter Feldmann (SPD) in the Römer snatched the European Cup from bewildered Eintracht captain Sebastian Rode . It is precisely this scene that the Deutsche Familienversicherung (DFV) has now discovered for its publicity.

“DFV household items insurance also protects against theft,” says the sign. There are also three other reasons: for example, Feldmann’s appearance on the plane at the Seville final is taken advantage of by the insurance company. On the plane, the obstetrician said in the sequence posted on Twitter that the flight attendants “had knocked him out hormonally at first.” The DFV releases the photo with the addition: “DFV complementary care insurance: before his hormones knock him out!”

Already half a million clicks

The campaign was developed by DFV’s marketing department, according to spokesman Lutz Kiesewetter. According to him, more than 500,000 users clicked on the Internet campaign until yesterday. It will also be seen in relation to the referendum that will be used to vote for Feldmann’s impeachment on November 6. In May, the founder and president of the DFV, Stefan Knoll, had released his own ambitions to run for mayor.

The insurance chief wanted to become mayor himself, but not now

Knoll is treasurer of the Frankfurt CDU. Regarding his own ambitions, Knoll said yesterday: “It is true that I want to be mayor of the city of Frankfurt. But it is also true that I am CEO of a public insurance company, from which I cannot leave at will. Neither do I.” Neither my company is prepared for a change in policy well before the date of the regular elections in 2024.” His conclusion is: if the deselection is successful, “then he would not be available for a candidacy.” Regardless of this, he is committed to the Deselection, “because Mr. Feldmann harms the city and the well-being of my city is above the interests of individuals.”

Just like Annalena Baerbock once did

The OB office declined to comment on the DFV campaign.

The car rental company Sixt most often uses the method of using political mistakes for self-promotion. His in-house agency, Jung von Matt, is known for capturing current political events and addressing them on billboards. After the plagiarism issue of a book by then chancellor candidate Baerbock (Greens), Sixt used a portrait of the woman and wrote: “Don’t you like to use yours? Funniest loan: Download the Sixt app now.” (Thomas Remlin)

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