Insurance coverage: how to insure your trampoline – knowledge

The trampoline is especially fun for the little ones. Photo: imago/Cavan Image

With children, there is often a trampoline in the garden. Who pays if something happens?

Stuttgart – In principle, anyone who negligently damages a third party is obliged to pay damages according to the Civil Code. This may be the case, for example, if parents have breached their duty of supervision and another child has been seriously injured while playing. But also if the road safety obligation was violated and the trampoline was not correctly set up and secured or not regularly checked whether the outer net, jumping mat and springs are still intact. This is where insurance coverage can step in.

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liability insurance In such cases, it shows how important private liability insurance is. The policy assumes justified claims for damages and prevents unjustified claims as a kind of passive legal protection. After a storm, you also pay if the trampoline wasn’t properly secured, flew into another car or house, and caused damage there. Storm damage to your property or your own vehicle can be insured with residential building insurance and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance.

trampoline damage Damage to the trampoline itself is not always covered by household goods insurance. It depends on the wording of the insurance conditions. Universa insurance draws attention to this. With some offers, only garden tools and garden furniture on the property are insured against storms, hail and simple theft. However, the trampoline is considered a “sports and game device”. Trampoline owners should therefore clarify in advance with their insurer whether and in what cases insurance coverage exists. With newer rates, backyard trampolines are often automatically included in insurance.

Legal protection against accidents As well as being great fun, a trampoline can also carry an accident risk that should not be underestimated, especially if (too many) people jump at the same time. Compulsory accident insurance does not cover accidents during free time. Protect the offspring in kindergarten, school or college, and on the go. Parents who want to protect their children from the financial consequences of a trampoline accident should therefore take out private accident insurance. It also covers other sports and leisure accidents. The sum insured must be high enough in case of an emergency and include a high performance member tax, as this is how the disability benefit is calculated after an accident.


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