Insurance: Insurance – What is it really worth?

compulsory insurance
In Germany it is mandatory to take out health insurance. Most people are legally insured. As income increases, so does the proportion of those who take out private insurance. Health insurance kicks in when costs arise as a result of treating health problems and is therefore used for self-protection. There is also compulsory insurance to protect third parties. This includes motor vehicle liability insurance for motor vehicle owners or professional liability insurance for certain professional groups, such as doctors, notaries, or lawyers. In 12 federal states, dog owners are required to take out pet owner liability insurance. Hunters must have hunting liability insurance.

private liability insurance

Liability insurance is not required by law, but there are no pitfalls.

Because the annual contributions are not only low. At ERGO it costs less than 60 euros a year. It also protects policyholders from possible financial ruin.
Because it does not only pay in case of minor material damage to third parties, such as broken glass or wine stains on a good sofa. It also pays the costs of damages in the millions. Even if this scenario usually doesn’t happen, no one in life is protected from the fact that something like this couldn’t happen. If, for example, a third party is injured in an accident in such a way that he is unable to work, the person who caused the damage must answer for his entire life in the worst case. Then private liability insurance comes into play.

For those who are not insured, this is life threatening. The cost-benefit ratio of this insurance is unbeatable and essential for everyone.

disability insurance –
More than 14 million people in Germany opt for disability insurance. for good reasons In the event of disability, the state intervenes with a disability pension, which, however, only pays around a third of the previous gross salary.

It is not enough for many people to make ends meet. In this case, the disability insurance protects against the threat of poverty and, according to the contract, pays a corresponding “additional salary”. This is very individually negotiable and depends on many factors. According to the occupation of the person to be insured
Pre-existing conditions or hobbies vary in cost.

legal protection insurance
Enforcing your rights can be expensive. That is why many people avoid going to court. Many procedures are not even carried out, so it is worth considering legal protection insurance for everyone.

Therefore, it is worth considering for everyone. However, legal protection insurance may make much more sense for some than for others. Statistically, owners or travelers get into legal proceedings more often. Then legal protection insurance is a worthwhile investment. With ERGO, clients can negotiate contracts that are personally tailored to them, so they are cost-effectively and efficiently insured.

homeowners insurance

Homeowners should purchase homeowners insurance as a matter of urgency. Hail or storm damage occurs quickly, which can lead to high costs. Water or fire damage can also mean immensely high costs for the uninsured.
Increasingly popular, especially after the accident in the Ahr Valley, accident in the Ahr Valley, is elemental damage insurance.

They are element damage insurance. These are very expensive, especially in regions where there is a relevant risk.

home insurance
A common mistake. Damage to furniture or televisions is not covered by homeowners insurance. They are not part of the so-called fixed inventory. To insure the objects in the apartment it is necessary to take out household insurance.

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