Insuring cars as a small fleet: special notice in December

It does not matter if you have a small company with few employees, a large company or you are self-employed: in reality, it is always worthwhile for companies to insure all company-registered vehicles uniformly with special fleet conditions. “This definitely saves time and often has financial advantages,” says Thiess Johannssen, spokesperson for Itzehoer Versicherungen. fleet Not that you have to have an entire fleet of vehicles on your company premises: companies can get small commercial fleet protection with Itzehoer from as little as two motorized vehicles. Johannssen explains how this works.

“The self-employed, business owners and managers can contract the protection of small fleets with Itzehoer Versicherungen. The vehicle of the couple living in the same household can also be insured.”

Thiess Johannssen, Press Officer of Itzehoer Versicherungen

Between two and 15 motor vehicles registered in the company’s name are covered by Itzehoer’s small fleet protection. The policyholder must be self-employed, a merchant or a company. A relevant detail: The owner of the vehicle can deviate from this information. The amount of the insurance premium depends on several factors. The company’s industry is decisive, for example, explains Thiess Johannssen:

“When calculating the premium, we take into account the company’s industry. With the protection of small fleets, we are especially targeting the target groups of farmers, bakers, butchers and artisans.”


Spokesperson at Itzehoer Versicherungen

Vehicles are classified in this class without claims.

And what does that mean in concrete terms for vehicle classification? “We classify new vehicles to be insured in class five without claims. In the case of company cars that have been part of the fleet for some time, we usually assume the claims history of the previous contract. If these vehicles have not yet reached SF class five, we also classify them as SF class five as long as no damage has occurred in the last 24 months,” explains Johannssen. Factors such as the age of the travelers or the group of travelers are not important when it comes to the classification in the classes without claims in Itzehoer Versicherungen.

Itzehoer’s small fleet protection is limited to 15 motor vehicles. If a company has a larger vehicle fleet, the vehicles can be insured through special framework agreements. Itzehoer union representatives will be happy to advise you on this (see contact details at the end of the article).

Did you miss the deadline? Use the special right of termination in December

Anyone who now looks at the calendar and is upset because they missed November 30 – the classic deadline to change car insurance – can take advantage of a loophole to optimize their car insurance: the special right of termination. For this to take effect, one of the following requirements must be met:

  • Next premium increase: Does the current car insurer want to increase the insurance premium? Policyholders can terminate their contract within one month of receipt of the invoice showing the premium increase. This termination is effective immediately, but at the earliest at the time the increase in the contribution would have taken effect.
  • Change of vehicle or new registration: If you sell the vehicle or scrap it, notification is not required. Information from the previous insurer about the whereabouts of the vehicle is sufficient for you to terminate the existing contract. The new vehicle can be insured with the preferred provider.
  • Damage event: The motor vehicle contract can also be terminated after an accident has occurred. In this case, the cancellation must be received by the insurer within the month following the termination of the negotiations on compensation or within the month following the insurance company having recognized the payment obligation or wrongfully rejected it. In this scenario, the insured can decide for themselves whether the termination should be effective immediately or at a later date, but not later than the end of the contract.

Contact Itzehoer Insurance:

Itzehoer Insurance
itzehoe place
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telephone (Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.): 04821 773-0
E-mail: [email protected]

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