Insuring electric cars with HUK-COBURG: what you need to know

Insure an electric car with HUK-COBURG
Insure an electric car? what i need to know now

The share of electric cars on the roads is growing steadily, not least because of attractive state subsidies. But buying an electric car is one thing and insuring it is another.

What differentiates motor vehicle insurance for an e-car from the policy for a conventional vehicle? What additional services are required? HUK-COBURG clarifies the most important questions.

Damaged battery? This could be expensive

In motor vehicle liability insurance, everything remains the same. It is compulsory insurance and insures damages to third parties caused by the use of the vehicle. The situation is different in comprehensive insurance. Kasko pays if his own vehicle is damaged. A distinction is made here between partially complete and fully complete. HUK-COBURG recommends that all electric car owners take a very close look at battery protection. A battery is expensive. Replacing it can cost many thousands of euros. It is good if, in case of damage, the age of the battery is irrelevant and the comprehensive insurance covers it.

Damage can also occur when charging

In addition, all electric cars need to be charged regularly, either at a public charging station or at home using a wall box or socket. Here surge damage can occur due to lightning strikes. Therefore, these must be included in the partial all-risk insurance. Wallbox insurance is also a problem for fans of household sockets. The market offers several options: Currently, the risk can be covered, for example, with home, household items or car insurance. Although the household plug is very popular, most electric car drivers cannot avoid using public charging stations. So it is good if the theft of the charging cable is also insured.

HUK-COBURG electric car insurance


HUK-COBURG’s excellent auto insurance offers comprehensive services that cover the special needs of electric and hybrid car owners.

Often unnoticed: consequential damage caused by animal bites

Electric car owners should also consider animal bites. It’s not just about the immediate damage, for example, in cables bitten by martens. Insurance protection should also cover indirect, often costly, damages. In the comprehensive insurance, compensation of at least 20,000 euros is recommended. This applies equally to damage caused by animal bites or short circuits.

Personal Injury Protection

Electric cars are usually more expensive to buy than combustion engines. The same applies to repairs. You can counteract this with comprehensive insurance. Protect the car comprehensively against personal injury. It is also important here: the comprehensive insurance must include complete protection for the battery. But electric cars and combustion engines differ in another way: towing an electric car is much more complicated. A letter of protection helps if the car stops with a dead battery. The car is then towed to the nearest charging station. In the event of a claim, performance matters. But in the end, price and performance have to be right. Some auto insurers support eco-driving. For example, HUK-COBURG offers customers with purely electrically powered cars a ten percent price advantage on civil liability and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance. HUK-COBURG also manages a CO2 bonus for the sale of the GHG quota. For this year you will receive 350 euros.


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