Insuring the electric car: what to consider when it comes to insurance coverage

They have conquered the streets of Schleswig-Holstein and they have done it very quietly: electric cars. According to the Statista data portal, around 356,000 more purely electric cars were registered in 2021 than ever before. The year 2022 also started with growth: 228,000 electric vehicles were sold from January to August. In addition, there will be another 754,500 new registrations with hybrid units in 2021, from January to July 2022 there were already around 432,000, with which people in Germany move from A to B, a number that is constantly growing. This reduces noise and emissions, especially in the city. If you want to take out car insurance for your electric car, you must take into account several criteria.

Anyone who gets stuck is recommended to draw a protection letter.

Basically, every driver needs liability insurance for their car. This applies to both electric cars and cars with a combustion engine. Motor vehicle liability insurance covers accidental damage to third party vehicles. With Itzehoer insurance companies, the cover letter is also included. This is important if you have a breakdown or an accident, the battery of the electric car is discharged or you cannot continue your trip due to theft.

And what about damage to your own car? This is where partial or full insurance comes into play. Anyone who collides with a deer in the dark season, reports car damage from storms, or is affected by theft, broken glass, or damage caused by fire or animal bite can invoke insurance against everything. partial risk. Damage caused by vandalism or an accident in your own car that you cause, on the other hand, is only covered by comprehensive insurance. In addition, the driver protection, discount protection or foreign damage protection modules can be booked. More information is available on the Seguros Itzehoer website.

Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance coverage for e-cars and accessories

And what applies in particular to electric and hybrid vehicle insurance? Here it is particularly important that car insurance protects the car battery in the long term. The new vehicle rates, effective from September 2022, focus on alternative driving. Depending on the rate, the maximum comprehensive coverage for the battery of an electric or hybrid vehicle is 25,000 euros or even unlimited. “In the area of ​​electric and hybrid vehicles, condition diagnostics, water container costs, vehicle parking costs and recall costs for battery disposal are also recently included. Theft of the charging cable or the card during the charging process is now also insured in the COMFORT DRIVE and TOP DRIVE rates”, says Claudio Herberg, regional manager of Itzehoer Versicherungen.

More information:

New price compensation and used price compensation: The Itzehoer TOP-DRIVE rate ensures that there is no loss of value in case of total loss for 36 months after purchase. Itzehoer reimburses the original price of a new car and the purchase costs of a used vehicle.

excess: Waiver of deductible deductible after three years without claims

Car contents insurance: Personal belongings in the car (not used for commercial or professional purposes) are insured up to an amount of 1,500 euros if they are stolen in a locked trunk or inside the vehicle that cannot be seen

Foreign Damage Protection is also insured without surcharge

Second car bonus for cars: Itzehoer Versicherung will personally advise you on this service

discount protection: Included for all drivers over 23 years of age

cousin: Ten percent bonus (in civil liability protection) of class 5 without claims and one year without claims

GAP coverage: Special coverage for vehicles rented and financed by third parties with comprehensive insurance

Direct settlement in all-risk insurance: Fast and secure settlement of claims regardless of the question of fault

environmental help: A tree is planted in Schleswig-Holstein for every concluded car contract at the best green rate. At the same time, Bessergrün invests the contribution in sustainable capital investments.

Drivers trust Itzehoer for good reason, says regional manager Claudio Herberg: “At Itzehoer we are close to our customers and we understand their concerns very much, especially because of our 1:1 support. Our union stewards are experts in their field and are represented throughout the region. We respond to the needs of our customers and are constantly working to improve our rates.”

Electric cars are not treated as more expensive in motor vehicle insurance in Itzehoer than cars with traditional engines, although repairs can turn out to be significantly more expensive: “The basic equipment of electric vehicles is very often already equipped with various aids like a brake or lane departure warning system, which can basically prevent or mitigate accidents. It’s good. The downsides for us as an insurance company are the very high expenses if an accident occurs. The batteries and also all the wiring in the vehicle should be mentioned here in particular.Furthermore, in the event of a cable fire, the driver cannot extinguish electric vehicles as quickly and easily in the early stages, therefore the result will be a total loss more than often,” speculates regional manager Claudio Herberg. However, he is convinced that electromobility is the future.” The market for electric cars will grow even faster in the future than before. Whether there will be more hybrid, battery or hydrogen vehicles will undoubtedly depend on future demand and of ongoing research in this area,” estimates Herberg. Wherever the journey goes: the Itzehoer is ready to go.

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