Interlloyd offers medical and surgical insurance for animals: cash.

Interlloyd enters the booming animal health insurance market and has launched its first animal health insurance for dogs and cats: with its new animal health insurance, the Arag Group brokerage specialist offers the Interlloyd TierKranken variant, a complete package and Worry-free for outpatient and hospital treatment. Interlloyd’s Tier-Op variant assumes the costs of operations and other extras.

Interlloyd Versicherungs-AG has just launched its first animal health insurance for dogs and cats on the market: With its new animal health insurance in the Interlloyd Tier-Kranken variant, the specialist broker of the Arag Group offers a complete and carefree package for treatment outpatient and hospital. Interlloyd’s Tier-Op variant assumes the costs of operations and other extras.

Tier-Kranken and Tier-Op are offered in the three product lines Classic, Protect and Premium. “This means that customers and consumers can choose the insurance coverage that is best for them and their four-legged friends. A special highlight is the high level of cost coverage: in all variants and product lines, the costs of services are covered up to four times the fee of the veterinary fee schedule,” explains Dr. Matthias Maslaton, Member of the Arag SE board for products, sales and innovation.

Tier-Kranken: strong all-round protection with numerous advantages

The Interlloyd Tier-Kranken comprehensive protection package covers the costs of outpatient and hospital treatment as a result of illness and accident. Diagnostics, operations (including minimally invasive), consumables, and medications are included. A veterinary hotline also offers quick help and guidance for medical questions. Another highlight is the subsidy for physiotherapeutic treatments.

From Protect, alternative healing methods such as acupuncture or laser therapy are also assumed. The special features of the premium line are the neuter/spay allowance and the assumption of costs for the creation of an EU pet identification card. If the premium customer remains damage free for the year, there is also a loyalty bonus.

Interlloyd TierOp is available to those who wish to insure the animal against the costs associated with operations. This includes operations under general and partial anesthesia, including associated pre- and post-treatment. In all three product lines, physiotherapy costs are also covered after an operation on the musculoskeletal system.

The premium line also offers a loyalty bonus if there are no claims and a veterinary hotline for all medical questions. In addition, Premium includes the Prevention Plus module with vaccination, deworming, dental prophylaxis and similar benefits.

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