Interview with Kai-Uwe Blum – FOCUS Online

Mr. Blum, as a member of the Board of Directors of Berlin Direkt Versicherung, you know what customers want and need from a modern insurer. What is your impression: what do customers appreciate most about your company?

Kai Uwe Blum: Our customers value above all the fact that everything works quickly, easily and digitally with us. This applies not only to the conclusion of the product (in a few minutes you can take out insurance that is individually tailored to your needs), but also to everything that goes beyond. In addition to our fully digital products, we also offer a variety of convenient post-purchase services, such as our online contracting service. This means that our clients can conveniently obtain information about their contract from home or on the go, make changes and soon even request their contract documents or other documents. Thanks to automated processes, these requests are processed directly in real time.

Additionally, customers can use our online damage report and simply submit a claim and receipts to us with the click of a mouse. We provide an online claim form corresponding to each insurance policy, which requests all the required information and documents and guides the client through the entire process. Nothing has to be clumsily mailed.

In our travel insurance, we have established a 24-hour global travel emergency hotline for customers who are abroad and have an emergency. Knowledgeable, multilingual staff are available to provide advice and assistance to travelers abroad. These convenient online services are highly appreciated by our customers. Apart from that, of course, we also win with our competitive prices and product performance.

In your opinion, what are the strengths of Berlin Direkt Versicherung?

flower: In short: innovative strength, speed and courage to break new ground. Like other young insurance brands, we also pursue the goal of simplifying insurance and replacing previous analog processes with fast digital processes.

In recent years we have launched a large number of new insurance products: in 2019, parametric flight delay insurance and cyber insurance placed on the market for private customers. 2020 followed the market launch of bike and e-bike insurance and the development of personal liability insurance. In 2021, more products were added, namely three additional dental fees, as well as cat surgery, cat health and dog surgery insurance. Our health insurance for dogs will continue in 2022.

That’s a lot of innovation in a short time. How are products accepted?

flower: We are honored that the quality of our products has received very good marks in various tests. has convinced. We are especially happy about some prizes: With the premium of our complementary dental insurance we are from the Stiftung Warentest the test winner for the second time been chosen (“Finanztest”, edition 4/2021 and 6/2022). We prevailed against 244 other insurance companies. The opinion of the Stiftung Warentest was: “Maximum performance with the most economical contribution”. In addition, our bicycle and e-bike insurance has already received several awards: The portal, belonging to the “CHIP” magazine, has a total of 16 e-bike insurance in March 2021 tried As a result, we have Received “VERY GOOD” rating (, “CHIP”, number 3/2021) The financial magazine “€URO” also rated our bicycle insurance “VERY GOOD” in May 2022 (“€URO”, number 5 /2022). In the FOCUS electric bike insurance test in April 2022, we became the “main provider for everything related to bicycles” (“FOCUS E-BIKE”, 4/2022).

What goals do you have in mind for 2022?

Kai Uwe Blum: One of our most important goals in 2022 is further expansion in the area of ​​cooperation. Berlin Direkt Versicherung originally arose from the cooperation business and has been able to achieve steady and sustainable growth over the years. We want to continue to promote this with new and innovative approaches while not completely ignoring the consumer business in direct sales. And the fact that we are on the right track in the area of ​​cooperation is shown by the recently started partnership with PAYBACK.

In addition, we are working on a wide range of other partnerships that we hope to start by the end of the year. Meanwhile, our broad product landscape continues to create new possibilities and opportunities to work together with completely new partners and in a completely new way. This is how it happens that completely new products are designed and developed from a desired association. That brought us back to the topic of speed and innovative strength, which I mentioned at the beginning: for us, this is the key to success. Because the fact that we are able to develop products not only in line with needs, but also in a fraction of the time that other companies would need, gives us an important strategic advantage: being early to market and meeting people’s needs.

Mr. Blum, thank you very much for the interview.

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