Is the contents of your home optimally insured?

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Only tailor-made home goods insurance offers comprehensive insurance protection. © Shutterstock

After a theft, fire or tap water, significant financial damage can occur. Does your home insurance really cover all damage?

Who needs home insurance? Michael Strommmhead of contract department homeowners insuranceAs a seasoned expert, you can competently answer these and other questions about home contents policy:

Strom: “This product makes sense for everyone who has their own household items. After all, who can afford to simply buy all their household effects with their own financial reserves after a fire, for example? It’s easy to underestimate the amount of money a new purchase can generate.”

Michael Stromm, Head of Contracts at Homeowners Insurance.
Michael Stromm, Head of Contracts at Homeowners Insurance. © private

What does the term “household goods” include?

Strom: “Simply put, these are all the objects in the house or apartment that are mobile and can be taken with you, for example, when you move. By the way, this also includes household items in furnished apartments. We have now expanded our packages of services with the new household insurance in comfort and premium coverage and we have adapted it to people’s current living conditions”.

What does the new home insurance policy cover?

Strom: “With us, for example, classic bike theft is also insured up to EUR 2,500 free of charge as part of the premium coverage. This compensation limit can be increased up to a maximum of EUR 10,000 for a surcharge. In addition, we provide a new type of mobility guarantee: if your bike is stolen or damaged, the insurer will cover the costs of taxis or public transport. And our product also offers comprehensive protection against cyber attacks, known in technical jargon as phishing and pharming.”

What about charging boxes for electric vehicles?

Strom: “Electric cars and wall boxes in garages to recharge have also created new scenarios. That’s why we also secure permanently installed wall-mounted devices here.”

And how much does a good home contents policy cost?

Strom: “I would be happy to give you a calculation example for an apartment with 70 mtwo home and simple furnishings in 86150 Augsburg (rate zone 1): sum insured = 45,500 euros (70 mtwo x 650 euros), duration of the contract 3 years with a 10 percent long-term discount. Our annual gross premium for comfort coverage is EUR 43.76 and the gross premium for premium coverage is EUR 58.98 per year. Members of the Haus & Grund associations even receive an additional 10 percent discount. The best thing you can do is call us for advice.”

What do I do if I still have valid household goods insurance?

Strom: “Then you will benefit from our immediate condition and full difference coverage at signing. Therefore, your old contract will remain in effect until the time of termination, but the additional benefits of your new contract will take effect immediately in the event of a claim. That’s what we mean by customer friendly service.”

How do I get my personal insurance quote?

Strom: “You can call us and we will advise you personally on the phone, without anonymous phone computers, by the way. We ask him about his individual needs and then provide him with a tailor-made offer. With homeowners insurance, you can expect the best benefits for little money. You’ll be surprised how affordable it is to get personalized insurance coverage.”

Valuable information and a personal offer are available at: or call: 089-55141620

Andreas Post, homeowners insurance board member.
Andreas Post, homeowners insurance board member. © private


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