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Every car lover, even if he owns a classic car, naturally attaches great importance to his piece of jewelry. A trip with this vehicle always has a certain charm and is usually quite an experience. It should be mentioned here that the term veteran is only allowed if the vehicle was first registered at least 30 years ago. It is quite understandable that the owner strives to obtain the best insurance coverage possible.

Find the right insurance

Yes secure the classic car optimally Of course, the condition and value (or class of vehicle) of the car play a role. The following example examines three rate options that are offered with respect to the scope of insurance.

Partial all-risk insurance for old cars: It is ideal for vehicles that, due to price and value, are more in the low segment. A W124 or a clean W201 in the condition of a used classic it could be such a case. The scope of coverage basically includes theft (also theft of spare parts), vandalism, accidents with animals and natural phenomena. Also included are glass breakage and damage that can be attributed to an electrical malfunction.

Comprehensive insurance for old cars: This variant is quite useful for vehicles whose value is at a slightly higher level. In principle, the scope of coverage here is identical to that of partial comprehensive insurance. What is essential, however, is the fact that damages caused by personal negligence are also included. This means that you are also covered if you cause an accident yourself.

Exclusive insurance package for classic cars: This model is recommended for very high quality Mercedes vehicles. Here, the comprehensive insurance is expanded with some key points. Additional damage coverage is provided for brake damage, tire damage and undercarriage damage. In addition, we are also responsible for transport damage (eg during transfer trips). This package scores with a very comprehensive insurance benefit.

Too good for this world: The Baby Benz was a huge success, although the W201 series first rolled off the assembly line four decades ago, it can still be found in daily traffic. Because it looks timeless and is technically fit. No car has shaped the concept of everyday classics as strongly as the Mercedes 190.

If you are looking for a suitable insurance option that you feel is right for your vehicle, you can do some research online. Here you use a configurator, in which you enter the basic vehicle data, combined with your respective individual interests. Then an offer with bonus and payment options will be created.

Of course, you can install the compulsory civil liability insurance for motor vehicles at the same time as the selected insurance model.

Classic car appraisal: what details should be taken into account?

The usual conditions stipulate that an appraisal is prepared as soon as the value of the vehicle exceeds EUR 90,000. Of course, the classic car must be in a certain state and have a minimum value of 5,000 euros. We generally recommend that you get an appraisal.

In addition, a certain minimum age of the driver is required in relation to classic car insurance. (This can also vary within insurance providers.) In addition, the vintage car cannot be used as a vehicle for daily use or for commercial purposes. Both points are no longer seen as such by all insurance companies. Some insurance companies also prescribe an annual limit on kilometers driven. If the vehicle is considered to be unattended for a long period of time or parked overnight, a suitable and secure place must be provided for it. Damage coverage is not provided for parts and equipment that deteriorate over time. This also applies if the classic car is used in racing events. It goes without saying that the tires have the minimum required profile and correspond to the given weather conditions.

The possibility of registering the classic car with seasonal registration is quite useful. A practical way to turn off the vehicle during the winter months, in terms of costs. A significant difference compared to normal and flat rate car insurance is the individual adjustment to the respective classic car, so in case of damage there is NO increase in the premium. If the value of exclusive vehicles increases by up to 25%, this is taken into account in the coverage limit.

Today it is possible to deal with contract and insurance matters very easily online. However, if you value individual support, you should seek personal advice from a supervisor.

A classic car often enjoys special vehicle status as it is considered an individual piece of jewelry. Therefore, you are also provided with proper care, which is highlighted by adequate and sufficient insurance. A kind of guarantee that you will be able to enjoy the vehicle for a long time.


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