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Driver’s license finally approved: but what should novice drivers really consider? Many young people can’t wait to finally get their driver’s license in their hands. As is well known, getting a driver’s license is a big step towards self-employment and independence for most people. after the Driving test happens, young people usually have an important purchase ahead: Buying your first car! However, novice drivers should keep in mind a few important points so that they can get off to a good start as a driver. In addition to traffic regulations and the risk of accidents, young drivers should also pay attention insurance and dating respect, think highly of.

young drivers: increased risk of accidents

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Unfortunately, the statistics on car accidents show it very clearly: drivers between the ages of 18 and 24 years old they have a remarkably high risk of being involved in traffic accidents. The main reason for this is lack of driving experience and lack of awareness of the risks. As a general rule, novice drivers lack the practice and routine to be able to recognize dangerous situations early and assess them correctly. Avoiding dangerous situations is also a problem for many behind the wheel, it is also a risk optimism young drivers. After getting their driver’s license, some want to prove something to themselves and others. Young people often drive at too high a speed and perform risky overtaking manoeuvres, endangering themselves and other road users.

Alcohol, drugs, distractions – novice drivers should definitely avoid these.

To reduce the risk of being involved in an accident, novice drivers should abstain from alcohol, since driving under the influence of alcohol usually causes traffic accidents with personal injuries. Also, once you get your driver’s license, you go to the two-year trial periodin which anyway an absolute alcohol ban is applicable. The same goes for drugs, of course. Also, it should Deviation by using smartphones while driving, for example, because novice drivers in particular have to devote their full concentration to road traffic.

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Insurance and TÜV: this must be taken into account

Novice drivers should early process all necessary insurance. In addition to the mandatory Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance often one too Comprehensive insurance. Comprehensive insurance is mainly recommended for new or expensive cars. It should also be ensured that the HU appointment is not forgotten. An expired HU can be expensive: A penalty of up to €60.00 and a point is possible in Flensburg. However, novice drivers should not be frightened by all these points, because as always, the following applies: Practice makes masters!

Rides at different times of the day and in different weather conditions help beginners gain a certain level of practice and safety behind the wheel. In stressful situations, it is also helpful to remain calm at all times and not let other road users tempt you with risky driving maneuvers. If you prepare well for life as a driver and drive with care and foresight, accidents and other serious problems can usually be avoided.

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