Known Tesla hacker with battery warranty fix for old Model S >

For eight years and unlimited mileage, Tesla guaranteed the powertrain on Model S and later Model X through early 2020; for example, the German frequent driver Hansjörg von Gemmingen-Hornberg, who now has more than 1.5 km in a Model S, benefits from this. He traveled millions of kilometers and received new motors and batteries several times during this time. But even the longest warranty will expire at some point, and it can get very expensive for a Tesla with a bad battery. In this context, a well-known hacker from the USA is now offering a kind of battery insurance.

Two years of protection for the Tesla battery

According to his Twitter profile, Jason Hughes is a chief engineer, doesn’t invest in Tesla, but still wants the company to prosper. He has apparently already made a significant contribution to this, because according to a report in 2017 he discovered loopholes that gave him access to any Tesla around the world through the app. He discreetly contacted the software’s head of security, who is said to have ensured access was secured within days. Hughes received $50,000 for his discoveries.

Other than that, he deals intensively with Tesla electric car batteries and their control. With his own company 057 Technology, he has been offering higher capacity upgrades for Model S and Model X for some time. And this week, he added an even more ambitious-sounding product: a monitoring solution initially just for the Model S, which also includes the repair or replacement of faulty batteries over a two-year period. As a result, this is a Tesla battery warranty extension.

According to the company’s website, only 057 Technology has enough knowledge and experience to be able to make this offer (perhaps Tesla itself could be trusted to do the same). Prices can also be found there. They start at $1,799 for Model S owners who have at least one year remaining on their Tesla warranty. Currently 1999 dollars and then 2499 dollars you have to pay if the warranty on your own Model S has already expired. The two-year term with a maximum of 25,000 miles only begins after the end of the Tesla warranty.

Offer to follow the Model X

Part of the product is a small device that must be connected to the diagnostic port. In addition, 057 captures the initial state of the battery and possible warning signs of deterioration. If the first test is negative, you don’t get a guarantee, but at least you get your money back. With the help of constant data monitoring, emerging issues should be caught earlier than would be possible with Tesla error messages. In the event of anomalies, the customer is requested to go first to 057 Technology for battery service. If a repair is not possible, the company replaces the entire battery if necessary.

Such an offer is simply necessary, the hacker company writes in its FAQ. Because all too often you come across owners of older Model Ss who either fear high repair costs after the warranty period or have already experienced them. A similar product will be coming soon for the Model X. In theory, customers outside the US can already take out battery insurance. But 057 says it’s unlikely to be profitable because repairs and replacements are only done at his own shop in North Carolina.

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