Liechtenstein insurance companies are smart and save Germans a lot of money

Effective protection against government access: Have you already built a moat around your assets?

The ambitious goals of politicians and the record national debt will generate higher tax burdens for citizens. It does not matter what the respective party leaders say in public. How can you protect your assets from this? More on that in the next post.

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Entrepreneurs and freelancers see the increase in taxes and levies as the greatest threat to their assets. But at what size of assets does the threat of taxes and duties on assets begin? If you add the bank balance, the stock account, the private life insurance, the rented property, the value of the own house and the assets of the company, you arrive at a considerable amount that arouses fiscal greed in the most varied forms.

Save taxes with insurance

When it comes to mobile assets, there is now an easy way to avoid paying capital gains taxes for decades and avoid inheritance taxes. All perfectly legal. German, but especially Liechtenstein, life insurance and pension policies are suitable for this for a lump sum. Life insurance and pensions? Oh no. Aren’t they low-performing and associated with high costs? Aren’t they money killers?

How do I invest 20,000, 100,000 or 150,000 euros?

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No, I don’t mean such insurance! I am referring to insurance companies that are smart. First of all, the possibilities of capital investment are always decisive. This should reflect the economy as well as possible. And that worldwide. Because in the economy higher returns are obtained than the rate of inflation.

Companies have to achieve the highest possible return on their invested capital. If companies do not get the highest possible return on their invested capital, they will no longer make money on the capital market and will be swept away. Then other companies take their place in the market. Therefore, in smart insurance, capital is invested in ETFs and mutual funds. Freely selectable. And cheap

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No income tax for decades

A first effect of insurance coverage: If ETFs and mutual funds are placed within an insurance coverage, no taxes are incurred on gains for decades, as long as the gains remain in the envelope and are not paid out.

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This means that even if there is an exchange and associated sale of investment funds within an insurance coverage, there is no income tax on the gains made. Profits are thus reinvested free of income tax. The result: a significantly larger compound interest effect. The tax benefits of insurance coverage are therefore greater than its costs. By the way, additional payments and withdrawals from these smart policies are possible at any time.

Avoid inheritance tax legally

The policyholder includes another person in the insurance contract as the policyholder. And 99%. For the Treasury, that 99% of what is entered represents a gift to this other person, in this way the inheritance tax is legally avoided. Because today there is a considerable deduction for inheritance and gift tax. And these subsidies are renewed every ten years. However, the donor still has his hand on the assets through his 1% stake in the contract. as long as i’m alive

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Policy withdrawals, termination or deposit changes can only be made jointly by the donor and recipient. Another benefit to the beneficiary: in the event of the donor’s death, all policy assets flow to the beneficiary free of income taxes. The beneficiary only has to pay inheritance tax on 1% of the payment amount.

Benefits of Liechtenstein policies

Compared to German insurance companies, Liechtenstein insurance companies have the advantage that their policies can be managed not only in euros, but also in Swiss francs, British pounds or US dollars. Liechtenstein insurance companies offer the possibility of investing outside the euro area. In a country without national debt and with an AAA rating. Complies with German tax law.

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