M&M selects the best rates in the EU

April 7, 2022 – The analytics firm evaluated 17 disability fees from 14 providers. A total of ten offers from Axa, Continentale, DBV, Dialog, Europa, Metallrente, Volkswohl Bund and Zurich achieved the maximum rating of “excellent” (five stars).


Morgen & Morgen GmbH has submitted a qualification for disability insurance (EU) for the third time. In the first “M&M Rating Disability” 29 products from 18 providers were tested (VersicherungsJournal 4.12.2019). In the second edition, 18 solutions from 13 vendors were examined (May 26, 2021). Analysts have now analyzed 17 deals from 14 players.

The analysis is based on 45 questions. Of these, 24 questions were used for scoring. They provide information on product facts and properties that analysts say are essential to state quality. The focus was on customer friendliness and clarity of statements.

Rating classes range from “excellent” to “very poor”

The evaluation was carried out in the form of evaluation classes. They range from “excellent” (five stars) to “very good” (four stars) and “average” (three stars) to “poor” (two stars) and “very poor” (one star).

To receive a four or five star rating, the following minimum requirements had to be met in full or to a limited extent:

  • In the event that an insured event is reported late, benefits will be paid retrospectively without restriction.
  • The forecast period is reduced to six months.
  • In the case of uninterrupted incapacity for work lasting six months, benefits are paid retroactively from the beginning.
  • The insurer pays an EU pension based on the legal definition of total and partial disability pensions.
  • The insurer waives its right to a premium increase or termination in the event of breach of obligation by the policyholder through no fault of his own according to § 19 VVG.
  • Insurance coverage continues if the insured person moves abroad during the insurance period.
  • The insurer pays if the EU occurs as a result of illness, physical injury or loss of strength.
  • Upon request, contributions will be deferred from the time of notification of benefits until the final decision on the obligation to provide benefits.
  • The insurer refrains from unusual restrictions or clauses that do not pertain to the relevant facts for the rating.


The qualification criteria have been adjusted.

Compared to the previous year, a change was made to the evaluation table to, according to M&M, “take into account the evolution of the market”. Benchmarking showed that one of the criteria set out in 2019 had only been met by one vendor over the years.

The concrete background is that only Metallrente GmbH, as the pension plan of the collective bargaining parties IG Metall and Gesamtmetall, “has offered a rate from the start of the assessment that pays a disability pension based on the legal definition not only completely but also for partial disability pensions.

Therefore, this rate is only accessible to employees in the metallurgical and electrical industry, which is another reason for the adjustment in the evaluation process. The minimum criteria is no longer a requirement for a five-star rating. Starting from a four-star rating, it still has to be partially met,” says Andreas Ludwig, Head of Rating and Analysis at M&M.

This change had a significant impact on the transcription of records. The number of five-star rates increased from one to ten. Three (previous year: ten) offers received four stars and four (six) offers received three stars.

Transcription of records (Image: Wichtert)

EU tariffs with five star rating

The best products with the highest rating include:

M&M: “The supply is still small, but it’s okay.”

“The disability insurance market is cautious again this year and remains manageably small. However, the rates themselves are of very good conservation quality”, concludes the analysis company.

Ludwig, manager of M&M: “With almost two-thirds of the highest rated rates, the offer for those who cannot work has a very high level of conditions.”

More studies on EU insurance

The Institut für Vorsorge und Finanzplanung GmbH (IVFP) issued a rating for independent disability insurance last fall. Eleven rates from eleven providers were examined (November 17, 2020).

The Infinma Institut für Finanz-Markt-Analyse GmbH updated its study on “Market Standards in the EU” last spring (May 31, 2021). Last fall, Franke und Bornberg GmbH carried out a price-performance comparison of various models for Finanzen Verlag GmbH’s Euro magazine (October 21, 2021).


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