Morgen & Morgen selects the best basic capacity insurance

Apr 21, 2022 – In Morgen & Morgen’s current rating, 92 core capacity rates from around two dozen providers have achieved the maximum “five star” rating. The analytics company deliberately only evaluated core performance triggers. This is to avoid a conditional race as in the case of invalidity insurance (BU), which would increase the price and make the product unaffordable for many.


Morgen & Morgen GmbH (M&M) submitted an update to its “M&M Core Rating Capability” on Wednesday. 112 rates and combinations of rates from around two dozen providers were taken into account.

That’s 34 more test candidates (plus 44 percent) than in the previous qualifying edition. At that time, the number of offers examined had already increased from 53 to 78 (47 percent more) (VersicherungsJournal June 9, 2021).

Characteristics and their weighting

The insurance terms alone form the basis of the assessment. Criteria such as the quality of the providers, their acceptance guidelines or health issues were not taken into account. Analysts see 36 product features as relevant to the rating. These are weighted differently with multipliers between one and five.

Top rated criteria include losses that trigger performance of basic skills “use of one or both arms, move arms”, “walk”, “use of hands, grasp, hand function”, as well as “kneeling”. and bend over.” .

Rating distribution (Image: Wichtert)

92 fares received the highest rating of five stars

The various characteristics and their weighting are listed in the qualification documentation (PDF, 151 KB). The minimum criteria for a four and five star rating are also explained there.

The rates studied can receive up to 100 points according to the calculation scheme. From 90 points, the rating of “five stars” is awarded.

92 of the offers considered achieved this highest rating. 80 points were enough for a “four-star” award (13 offers), 70 points for “three-star” (three test candidates), and 60 points for “two-star” (two products).

Two dozen providers in the top group

The top group of the rating was achieved by about two dozen providers:

  • AKS Flex, rates “Vitalschutz Flex L”, “Vitalschutz Flex M” and “Vitalschutz Flex XL” (VersicherungsJournal 4.12.2019);
  • Allianz Lebensversicherungs-AG, “Body Protection Policy” (each also with the modules “AU” and/or “special professions”, 28.7.2016)
  • Alte Leipziger Lebensversicherung aG, “Comfort” and “Comfort Plus” (media review February 15, 2022);
  • Basler Lebensversicherungs-AG, “Basic Skills Insurance Silver” and “Basic Skills Insurance Gold” (each also with modules “Beruf Plus” and/or “(AU)”, 10.7.2020);
  • BL Bayerische Lebensversicherung AG, “Body”, “Body & Mind” and “Body & Mind Plus” (each also with “AU” module, February 10, 2022, media review March 1, 2022);
  • Canada Life Assurance Europe plc, German Branch, “Premium Grundabilitiesschutz” (22.7.2019);
  • DEVK Insurance, “GF” and “GF Plus” (7.11.2018);
  • Dortmunder Lebensversicherung AG, “Die 1”, “Die 2”, “Die 3” (each also with the modules “The driver’s license” and/or “Das Pflege Plus”, March 8, 2021, media review 1 April 2021) ;
  • Gothaer Lebensversicherung AG, “Ability Protection Plus” and “Ability Protection Premium” (June 15, 2020);
  • Helvetia Insurance, “CleverProtect GF” (also with “AU” module, March 8, 2021);
  • Huk-Coburg-Lebensversicherung AG, “Stock Protection Award” and “Stock Protection Award Plus”;
  • Klinikrente Versicherungswerk GmbH, “Vitalschutz Flex M”, “Vitalschutz Flex L” and “Vitalschutz Flex XL” (07/03/2018);
  • Metallrente GmbH, “Basic Metalskill Protection”, “Basic Metalskill Protection Comfort” and “Basic Metalskill Protection Plus”;
  • Nürnberger Lebensversicherung AG, “Basic Capability4Future Premium (BGF3120)”, “Basic Capability4Future Comfort (BGF3120)” and “Basic Capability4Future Compact (BGF3120)” (“Compact” tariff also with 17 different combinations of the modules “AU”, “Professional Driver “, ‘Office’, ‘physical work’, ‘mobility’ and ‘psyche’);
  • R+V Lebensversicherung AG, “Premium”, “Comfort” and “Classic” (June 15, 2020);
  • Signal Iduna Seguros, “Comfort Plus” (February 25, 2020);
  • Stuttgarter Lebensversicherung aG, “Grundschutz+” including at least one of the add-on packages “fit”, “mobile” or “smart” (6/26/2020, 11/4/2020);
  • Swiss Life AG, branch for Germany, “Vitalschutz Spirit”, “Vitalschutz Power” and “Vitalschutz Complete” (18.3.2021);
  • Volkswohl Bund Lebensversicherung aG, “Stock” and “Stock with Care Plus” (10/14/2019);
  • Insurers in the area of ​​Kirchen Lebensversicherung AG (VRK), “Existence Protection Premium” and “Existence Protection Premium plus”, as well as
  • Zurich Deutscher Herold Lebensversicherung AG, “Basic Skill” (03/01/2021).

The full list of participants can be viewed on this website.

M&M sees ‘strong growth’ in deals

Andreas Ludwig, Head of Rating and Research at M&M, has noted “very modular growth in a high level of conditions”. Product providers currently “rely heavily on basic capacity insurance as an alternative protection for workers.”

According to analysts, this trend will continue in the future. The Hofheimers expect a further increase in numbers and further differentiation of rates.

Increase differentiation of performance triggers

According to the analysis company, some offers contain “an invalidity clause that strongly drives the respective rate in the direction of temporary BU and therefore the price. This is currently increasing. These rates are rarely considered affordable alternative products.”

According to Ludwig, competition in basic skill continues to take place above all in the increasing differentiation of performance triggers. “In the long term, this may lead to a higher price level and jeopardize the attractiveness of prices for physically active professions,” says the manager of the M&M division.

Therefore, M&M continues to focus on 15 relevant core skills in qualifying assessment. “We don’t want to trigger conditional competition similar to BU, which ultimately also drives up the price,” says Ludwig.


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