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Neodigital y 35up colaboran en Seguros Embebidos.  <Q> Neodigital / 35up” width=”350″ height=”219″ srcset=”×219.jpg 350w, https: //×675.jpg 1080w, /Neodigital-35up_Aufmacher-516×323.jpg 516w,×438.jpg 700w, .de/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Neodigital-35up_Aufmacher-332×208.jpg 332w, 1200w ” sizes=”(max-width: 350px) 100vw, 350px”/><figcaption id=Neodigital and 35up collaborate on Embedded Insurance. Neodigital / 35up

With the 35up cross-selling platform, Neodigital Versicherung has found a cooperation partner that can pave the way for Saarland insurance services towards e-commerce. First of all, customers should be able to book insurance directly when purchasing their smartphone.

FIntegrated insurance is an essential part of the business model of Neodigital Versicherung, which was founded in 2016. The company continues its strategy particularly in the areas of mobility and e-commerce. Stephen Voss, director of sales and marketing at Neodigital Versicherung, sees this concept as one of the future trends in insurance sales. For him, integrated insurance means offering consumers insurance products exactly where they make the most sense to them.

To promote this business model, Neodigital has established a cooperation with 35up. The cross-selling platform works with e-commerce providers to enable their online platforms to generate upsells through suitable products and services. The company will initially offer Neodigital’s insurance services at On the 35up website Other platforms for used smartphones are also listed as partners, such as, and, as well as IT manufacturer Medion, among others.

win-win-win situation

For Voss, “convenience” is of paramount importance. This means that the integration is seamless for both the retailer and the customer. Consequently, the two partners would combine their respective strengths and offer customers highly personalized protection that meets their needs as well as their purchase.

That benefits everyone involved. The customer receives everything from a single source and can comfortably insure himself and his product in one transaction. The insurance company benefits from direct sales through the retailer’s sales channel. The distributor, in turn, can offer its customers an important value-added service.

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Integrated insurance is one of the most exciting developments in the digital insurance market and we are very pleased to be able to actively promote the topic with our new partnership with 35up.”

Stephen Voss, Director of Sales and Marketing at Neodigital Versicherung

It doesn’t stop with smartphones

When choosing a partner, care was not only taken that the partner would help blend and complement strengths. Instead, they were looking for someone who was also well positioned when it came to sustainability, says Voss. At 35up you have found exactly this partner.

Smartphones are protected as part of Neodigital property insurance. This recently extended to products beyond electronic devices, such as desktops, laptops, or tablets. Lifestyles have changed during the pandemic and people are investing more in their homes. There is more valuable equipment for which insurance is needed, from high-quality kitchen appliances or bread makers and sports equipment to top-notch DIY tools, robotic lawnmowers and the like.

Neodigital Revised Property Insurance (website) therefore includes more than 120 products. Consequently, as part of the cooperation, the insurance service will be extended to other products in the future. The two partners also announced that more partners would be involved in the near future.

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Online retailers who use our cross-selling platform really appreciate that they can offer not only physical products but also digital ones, but above all that they only have to integrate an API to get access to millions of products.”

Klaus Wegener, CEO of 35up

Consequently, he is confident of further growth. Insurance companies are in high demand, Wegener points out, and in Neodigital they have found a partner with deep experience in the digital field. hj

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