New rates for companies: discharges also insured outside the building

September 2, 2022 – After insurance coverage for individuals, Domcura now also covers large property management companies and housing companies in the field of renewable energy. Continentale expands its collective company accident insurance. With a new tool, Axa can better assess weather risks and thus offer special insurance coverage.

Continentale Sachversicherung AG also pays in the accident insurance of the company “UnfallGiroTeam” in case of accidents resulting from altered consciousness and in the new “TOP protection” also as a result of microsleeps and epileptic seizures. The protection can be agreed for three or more policyholders.

Special services for the pillars of the company

The performance limits on the “XL” and “XXL” variants have been increased and can be doubled with the new optional “TOP” compared to “XXL”. In addition, “TOP” provides the maximum benefit without deductions in the case of a lump-sum accident pension even at 75 percent disability.

In addition to the rate variant, the employer can choose between four different accident pensions and also agree on special services such as “Keyperson Assist”. This module includes services for employees in key positions that aim to ensure smooth work processes and an optimal recovery process for the insured.

The Continentale has also extended the membership fee and benefits for foreign assistance (including service and salvage costs up to €100,000) and for the spa expense bonus (up to €10,000, in “XXL” and in ” TOP” an expense allowance for companions is assured).

In addition, the death benefit was increased by 50 percent in all accident pensions in the amount of 18 monthly pensions.

Domcura fully secures renewable energy systems

Domcura AG’s new combined Property, Glass and Liability (KSH) insurance insures renewable energy (RE) systems against “unidentified risks”. The offer is aimed at property managers and housing companies that have at least 250 residential units.

Single-family, two-family, semi-detached, semi-detached and multi-family homes with predominantly residential use can be insured. This protects photovoltaic systems, heat pumps and other renewable energy systems against all types of damage that are not expressly excluded.

KSH’s new insurance includes the “innovation guarantee” and, for policyholders willing to switch, differential condition coverage. Furthermore, the discharge pipes are secured not only inside but also outside the building and even outside the insured property.

Axa becomes more flexible with climate policies

Thanks to a new risk tool, Axa Climate can offer parametric wind insurance more quickly and flexibly. The section, part of global Axa SA, specializes in the business of climate change adaptation and has introduced “HWind Analytics” from Risk Management Solutions, Inc. (RMS) as a trigger metric.

According to the company, “HWind” creates real-time datasets for tropical cyclone events. In this way, the conditions of an event that triggers the payment process in the insurer (for example, a hurricane) can be quickly evaluated.

Parametric insurance pays when a target value is reached, regardless of whether damage occurs. HWind covers the Western North Atlantic, Eastern Pacific, and Central Pacific.


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