Non-life insurers are expanding their offers for private clients

May 10, 2022: Süddeutsche launches the third product of its digital brand, after personal liability and bicycle insurance, which it launched in February. Also arriving on Friday is the third product line, which belongs to the Baloise Group. A subsidiary of Axa extends the protection of hearing aids. Neodigital and BGV cooperate on fully digital bicycle insurance and Inter with Besser Grün. It’s also going greener in Universa auto insurance.

SDK Neva electronics insurance, a brand of Süddeutsche Krankenversicherung aG (SDK), insures electronic items and original supplied accessories against damage up to new value. The risk bearer is Neodigital Versicherung AG (VersicherungsJournal February 17, 2022).

SDK Neva electronics insurance also for used vehicles

Damage caused by moisture or liquid, damage caused by malfunction, short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage, fire, lightning strike, explosion, implosion, sabotage, vandalism, and intentional and unlawful damage by third parties will also be reimbursed. Not allowed. Optionally, thefts, thefts, robberies and looting can be covered.

In the higher quality Plus variant, design, material, manufacturing or assembly errors are also replaced, provided that third parties are not responsible for them.

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and game consoles are insured as both new and refurbished or used private devices. A distinction is made between the category of the device state when the request is sent.


Alteos expands its business with hearing aid acoustics

Axa subsidiary Alteos GmbH is expanding the “Hearing Aid Protection” sold by specialists in hearing aid acoustics. The three variants without excess can be contracted up to four months after the purchase of the device. With a term of up to six years, the entire supply period is covered until the next health insurance benefit.

All accessories purchased with the purchase of a hearing aid are automatically insured, including earmolds. Loss and theft are covered by all fees.

Comprehensive comfort and protection also protect against moisture and electronic damage, mishandling, production defects and intentional damage by third parties. When traveling, policyholders receive a replacement device via express delivery in the event of a claim. “Complete” also replaces damages caused by gross negligence.

In the event of total damage or loss, a present value scale applies. Thereafter, the full purchase price will be replaced within the first year, if you choose full protection within the first three years. Thereafter, the time value deduction is ten percent per year, only in the last year the time value deduction is greater and is 20 percent of the previous year.

Neodigital and BGV cooperate

In cooperation with the BGV Badische Versicherungen, Neodigital Versicherung AG offers fully digital bicycle insurance with daily cancellation right. The client can contract the policy directly through the BGV website or through an insurance intermediary. The risk taker is Neodigital.

“S” covers theft, vandalism, accidents, and drop damage, as well as electronic damage. The replacement value is compensated in the first twelve months. “M” also pays for wear and tear (excluding tires and brakes), operating errors, and material/production and design errors. Replacement value compensation applies up to age 24 months for the two-wheeler. With “L” the new value, the compensation is independent of the age of the two-wheeler. In addition, in case of theft of accessories and luggage, up to a maximum of 1,000 euros will be reimbursed.

The carbon frame, which is often installed on high-priced bikes, is automatically included in all variants. Service components can be purchased individually, meaning existing policies can be sensibly supplemented.

Personal Responsibility Begins on Friday

It should be possible to take out liability insurance from the digital insurer Friday German branch of Friday Insurance SA this year through direct channels and brokers. Until now, there has only been one contract through Check24 GmbH. The policy can be canceled daily.

The “Relax” premium rate includes, among other things, the best and, for those who have changed insurance, a purchased guarantee. The additional service “rental car and shared car insurance” indemnifies damage to rental or shared car vehicles, loss of keys or incorrect refueling of rented vehicles.

Inter with photovoltaic green insurance

Inter Allgemeine Versicherung AG offers its photovoltaic insurance in the variant Bettergrün GmbH. The policy protects against financial damage caused by the repair or reconstruction of the photovoltaic system.

At the same time, the ecological projects are financed with license fees from Inter. In addition, client contributions are invested in sustainable capital investments.

Universa rewards sustainability

For electric or hydrogen cars, Universa Allgemeine Versicherung AG grants a 20 percent premium reduction on the new vehicle rate. If an insured combustion engine car is replaced by a new electric or hydrogen vehicle after a total loss or theft, the insurer pays a technological subsidy of 1,000 euros.

The annual mileage class of up to 4,999 kilometers for infrequent drivers is new. After a full cancellation, registration costs of up to EUR 1,000 are covered if the new vehicle is insured again with Universa within one year.

In the new rate, up to 30 years without damage can be taken into account in the calculation of the civil liability and all-risk insurance premium for delivery vans, trucks and tractor heads (previously 20). If, when replacing the windscreen, the vignette and the environmental label must also be renewed, the expenses are covered without limit of amount.


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