Nürnberger Versicherung supports the planting of sustainable tree species

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Nürnberger Versicherung supports the planting of sustainable tree species

Experts predict: The climate that currently prevails in Lyon, France, may be exactly the same as what we will also have in the Nuremberg region in a few decades. Therefore, the “Forest future to touch” project has set out to make local forests fit for climate change. This requires tree species from warmer, drier regions. This is exactly where Nürnberger Versicherung comes in and supports the project. And not just once, but permanently.

“As insurers, we are aware of the dangers of climate change. And we ask ourselves: What can we do about it at the regional level? And the planting of sustainable trees convinced us absolutely. This is an approach that fits perfectly into our sustainability strategy,” says Harald Rosenberger, Life Director at Nürnberger. For example, the Roth-Weissenburg Food, Agriculture and Forestry Office and the State Institute for Agriculture and Forestry are involved in the “Forest Future to Touch” project. Nürnberger Versicherung supports forest owners who want to prepare their forest for the future.

Tree species with a good prognosis

dr Christian Kölling, Head of Department responsible for the Rother Forestry Office: “With this campaign, we are freeing the forest from the risk of climate change, looking to the future and making sure that we bring more tree species with a good prognosis to this forest. And we do it on a small scale, selectively. Because we couldn’t afford the large area. Very few trees are used, but they are planted effectively.” According to Kölling, the forests of southeastern France were examined and conclusions could be drawn for the local region. Trees like the pubescent oak or sweet chestnut were found there, which we don’t even know about here.

principle of analogy

Harald Rosenberger has already planted trees himself in the forests of the forest management association Nürnberger Land, which is also involved in the project, and is enthusiastic about the so-called principle of analogy: “This means that we ‘import’ experiences from afar instead of of and towards future experiences Bring us wise trees that can survive higher temperatures and droughts A compelling and sustainable approach!”

For example, if a customer in Nuremberg purchases disability or basic capacity insurance with a sustainable approach (income protection product line for the future), the insurer plants a tree in the Nuremberg area.

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