Poinger Church Fire: Insurance Pays; renewal takes months

After the fire of July 8

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Several hundred tiles were destroyed in the fire on the facade of Poing Parish Church. The Ordinariate informs that the fire protection insurance will pay for the renewal.

Poing: What currently looks like dentures with teeth knocked out should leave no recognizable memories of the July 8 fire after the repair work is complete. This is the goal that the Archbishop’s Ordinariate has set itself for the repair works of the Seliger Rupert Mayer Parish Church in Poing. However, it will take several months to restore the east facade, says the spokesman for the presidency, Hendrik Steffens. Initially, it is possible to carry out more investigations in order to later be able to create a rehabilitation concept. The costs have not yet been quantified.

On July 8 there was a fire on the east façade.

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“Scaffolding will be installed in September to further examine the façade. Step by step, tiles and natural stone elements can be removed from the frame to determine the damage. The substructure, thermal insulation and sealing should also be checked for damage,” Steffens reports. The exact extent of the damage is still unknown.

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According to an initial rough estimate, several hundred ceramic tiles could have been damaged by fire or stained with soot. “That does not mean that all these tiles have to be replaced,” said the Ordinariate spokesman. If possible, dirty tiles will be cleaned. It is clear that the two wooden doors in the wall and the small piece of wooden facade between the doors need to be replaced.

Brief review: On July 8, the wooden pieces of the base of the east side caught fire, the flames shot up and destroyed many of the white tiles. No one was injured.

The facade of the parish church of Poing Seliger Rupert Mayer consists of a total of around 15,000 pieces. By burning weeds near the facade, the wood caught fire, police later reported. According to initial estimates, the amount of damage could amount to several 100,000 euros.

As spokesman Hendrik Steffens reported to our newspaper when asked, fire protection insurance would pay for the renewal. The St. Michael Poing Church Foundation and the Archdiocese would likely incur no cost.

According to Steffens, when the parish church was rebuilt four years ago (total costs: about 14.6 million euros), a tile cost about 100 euros. “The price of a new tile to be fired will probably be higher, if only because of increased energy costs,” she surmises. There are replacement tiles, but not enough. “Probably the manufacturing company can be commissioned to produce new tiles.” The natural stone elements in the lower part of the wall could possibly be replaced in the same way by elements from the same quarry.

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