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Unfortunately, problems after moving are not uncommon. What can you do if everyday items are broken or furniture is scratched and you have a dispute with the carrier?

by Susann Kowatsch

In principle, the person who caused the damage caused by the move also bears the costs incurred. If the commissioned carrier is responsible for the damage, it or its insurance company must pay for it.

Insurance does not pay for all damage

Freight forwarders are required to take out transport insurance. However, there maximum legal reimbursement limits. So stand out loud § 451e of the Commercial Code, the mover per cubic meter of cargo with maximum 620 euros. The Commercial Code also defines various exclusions of liability: Transport damage to plants, animals or sensitive valuables is normally excluded. The freight forwarder is also not responsible if unavoidable events like black ice, severe storm or earthquake cause the damage.

Only the current value of the contents of the home is replaced

What many people don’t realize is that carriers insurance only replaces the current value and not the replacement value of damaged household items. The current value of furniture or electronic devices can be very low or even close to zero after a few years. Here the compensation can be correspondingly low. In the worst case, consumers get nothing despite the damage.

If you need more protection, it is advisable to take out additional transport insurance through the carrier. This is particularly recommended for valuable items such as high-end electronics.

Report the damage as soon as possible

The injured party must report the damage immediately, otherwise they will lose their right to claim. Visible damage must be reported immediately (ie the day of move-in). A 14-day window applies to non-visible damage caused by moving. It is helpful for customers to also keep purchase receipts for furniture and household items to prove the value of damaged items.

When do your own insurance companies pay?

Your own personal liability or household contents insurance will kick in if the damage is caused by moving own fault have surged. Personal liability covers damage to third parties or their property that occurs during the move. Therefore, liability insurance also covers stairwell damage. If, for example, there is damage to the railing during the transport of the sofa, private civil liability insurance will intervene in this case.

Household goods insurance provides additional protection against a wide variety of damages caused by moving. For example, when loading and unloading personal items, there is a risk that furniture or other items will be damaged through your own fault. In principle, household goods insurance is local. However, many providers are willing to take on the damage caused by a move. However, this only applies if the insurance company finds out about the move beforehand. The content insurance does not apply during the transport itself.

What else needs to be considered in terms of insurance coverage when moving, Consumer advice centers have developed some tips for this.

The arbitration board can help in some cases

If a freight forwarder does not want to bear the damage to a reasonable extent or if there are other differences, it may make sense to get the arbitration board for moving on board, which is organized by the Federal Association of Furniture and Logistics Carriers (AMÖ). However, the shipping company in question must be a member for mediation to be possible. This is free for consumers.

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