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A rider’s horse is burned and he is fatally injured. Horse insurance does not pay for damage.

Several thousand horse riding accidents occur in Switzerland each year. The horse can also be injured, and that can be very costly. That is exactly what Leonie J. had to painfully experience. The young woman is an experienced rider, but she does not own a horse and therefore rides other owners’ horses.

The horse is burned and seriously injured.

A year ago, like so many times, he went out on horseback with Colón. But suddenly the horse gets scared, throws the rider and runs away. Leonie J. is very lucky: “They took me a few meters and the horse could have hit me in the head or back and hurt me.”

The horse is less lucky: he slips on a paved road and is so badly injured that he has to be euthanized. A very painful experience for Leonie J.

expenses of 40,000 francs

In addition to the horse duel, there is a subsequent moral conflict. Because the owner of Columbus incurred expenses of around 40,000 francs as a result of the accident. Leonie J. is convinced her insurance will pay for it. Since she regularly goes out with other people’s horses, she has taken out her liability insurance with Axa to protect herself from it, with the added “horse rental” coverage. “The salesman told us at the time that Axa was the best when it came to horse insurance,” recalls Leonie’s father.

With the title, the family believed they were protected against such potential risks. Because Axa advertises the product on its website as a useful addition in case someone else is riding the horse. The additional coverage covers the costs of accidental damage caused to someone else’s horse up to CHF 100,000.

Opinion AXA Insurance



Insurance denies coverage

But the insurance company refuses to cover the costs. The product is civil liability insurance and not accident insurance for horses, says Axa “Kassensturz”. And more: “A report by an independent horse expert concludes that the rider is not at fault for the accident and therefore cannot be held liable. That is why personal liability insurance does not come into play.” match”.

The insurance company is doing the right thing here, says Michelle Richner of the Tier im Recht foundation. Because the riders would have to reckon with a frightened and injured horse as a result. However, there is liability insurance in case a person makes a mistake.

Horse renters take risks

“Before riding someone else’s horse, it’s a good idea to find out how the horse’s owner is insured.”

Because even if there is no legal responsibility, as in this case, there remains a moral and interpersonal obligation in such cases. “And you might feel bad if something happens.” Accident insurance is required for these cases.

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