R+V-Chef proposes different rates for vaccinated and non-vaccinated

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R+V-Chef proposes different rates for vaccinated and non-vaccinated

Changing health insurance companies can save you money

Will there be tariffs for the unvaccinated soon?

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Health insurance companies could offer unvaccinated people less favorable rates in the future, R+V chief Norbert Rollinger says in an interview. After all, they also caused higher costs for the health system.

Anyone who does not want to be vaccinated against the corona virus could receive less health insurance benefits in the future or have to pay more for health insurance. The head of insurance R+V, Norbert Rollinger, made it clear in an interview. “As an insurance industry, sooner or later we’re going to have to think about possibly differentiating rates based on vaccination status,” Rollinger told t-online.

The insurance boss justifies this with the increased individual risk of becoming seriously ill and the associated burden on the health system. “After all, these are community costs: If someone ends up in intensive care because of Corona, it is significantly more expensive than a vaccine,” said Rollinger, who draws an analogy with smoking. “Health insurance companies can already differentiate between smokers and non-smokers when it comes to rates.”

“Don’t let those who refuse to vaccinate you dance on your nose”

When the higher tariffs for the unvaccinated will come depends on the question “how long will the silent majority of the vaccinated allow stubborn refusal to vaccinate them,” Rollinger said. “Those who refuse to be vaccinated display socially damaging behavior, unless there are good medical reasons that speak against vaccination in individual cases,” the insurance chief said.

The R+V Group is one of the largest insurers in Germany and offers, among other things, health insurance for those with statutory health insurance and private patients. Statutory health insurance patients are insured in Germany regardless of their health status, but health insurance companies may reward healthy behaviour. With private health insurance, but also with disability policies or term life insurance, health checks and individual contributions are common.

For those who are not vaccinated, it could become increasingly costly in other areas as well. More recently, politicians had put forward plans to stop paying salary replacements to unvaccinated people in quarantine. As of October 11, people who do not get vaccinated although they might have had to pay for corona tests themselves.


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