Schweizerische Mobiliar Versicherung manages cloud connectivity with InterCloud, InterCloud, press release

Mobiliar, the oldest Swiss insurer, sees the future in cloud technology and has found a solution with InterCloud to easily and transparently control and monitor all cloud services and applications. After the paperless office, the transformation of core business processes to the cloud is another milestone towards the stated goal of the empty data center: internally developed insurance programs and acquired systems, such as Office 365, will be operated in the future. and SAP. completely as SaaS (Software as a service) through AZURE and be accessible on AWS.

At Mobiliar, digitization is not an end in itself, rather digital transformation is anchored in the corporate strategy as a technological driver for corporate development: where many processes are already executed digitally, agile interdisciplinary collaboration is taking place and the paperless office is largely standard. , it is not surprising that Mobiliar bets on the cloud and the empty data center is the defined goal. Whenever an upgrade needs to be made in the life cycle of a business application or a new system is designed, it will be modular and cloud-based in the future.

Target customers across all channels

Digital transformation affects not only core processes, but also cultural change for the workforce and customer relationships. In concrete terms, this means that stakeholders and customers are served on all channels: from classic field service to digital contact via an Internet portal or the “My Furniture” app. All building blocks are brought together fully automatically across all channels at one central point, right down to customer communication and billing. This allows full flexibility when changing channels without interruptions due to media interruptions.

“Digitalization frees our shoulders so that we can concentrate on our core competencies: developing customer-oriented products and, above all, being there personally for our customers when they need us,” explains Thomas Kühne, CIO (Chief Information Officer) of the furniture. “We can use the experience and innovations directly from the cloud and we don’t have to develop the services ourselves.” Regarding the relocation of individual activities in the value chain to the cloud, another advantage is obvious: “The cloud makes it easier to work with external partners because it simply makes standardized interfaces and APIs available.”

Transparent control of all activities in the cloud

However, a cloud strategy should not become vendor lock-in. Therefore, Mobiliar was looking for an alternative that would open up agile and flexible ways to control the multi-cloud through software. The InterCloud solution ticked all the boxes and proved to be an intuitive control tool in practice. “You don’t have to be a network specialist to use the InterCloud solution,” says Kühne. “Basic technical understanding is enough to set up and provide a connection to the cloud. The complete digital transformation can finally be seen from the perspective of the application or the consumer.”

The cooperation with InterCloud proved that the features in the brochure are not pure marketing claims: “It was a super-constructive cooperation on an equal footing,” praises Kühne. There was always competent help, even with special requirements from Mobiliar, and the very good relationship with Microsoft was extremely helpful. His conclusion: “It was a good project, and now it’s running smoothly: so far there hasn’t been a single failure.”

Tech-driven businesses rely on the cloud

Technology-driven businesses rely on the cloud because it offers agility, performance, and flexibility. However, when applications run on different clouds, different contracts and inconsistent service level agreements with providers can lead to operational complexity. This means reduced business agility from not being able to respond quickly enough to new market demands, increased security risks from management issues, and increased potential for data breaches.

This is where InterCloud comes in: the API-first InterCloud platform simplifies and speeds up network operations, thus improving the performance and transparency of corporate resources distributed across multiple locations and cloud providers. With an easy-to-use console and API, organizations can seamlessly design, deploy, and monitor their multi-cloud connectivity with the push of a button.

the furniture

Mobiliar, the oldest Swiss insurer, has embedded digital transformation in its corporate strategy. The company was not coldly surprised by the first hard lockdown in the corona pandemic with the obligation to work from home in Switzerland: all employees were already equipped with a laptop, mobile network access and a headset/camera. Business processes and customer communication will continue to digitally transform step by step as soon as a lifecycle upgrade is due. The digital strategy was not influenced by Corona in this sense, but rather accelerated.


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