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Vintage cars are considered an important cultural asset on German roads. When the elders on wheels are announced from a distance of hundreds of meters with a loud purr of engines, the hearts of many passers-by beat faster. The company is a matter of the heart. The subscriber! He is a specialist in insuring old, young, new and premium vehicles and explains what to consider when taking out insurance for mobile treasures.

As with newer cars, vintage cars must have at least liability insurance to drive on German roads. Due to the sometimes very high values ​​of the vehicles, partial or comprehensive insurance or so-called “covers against all risks” are also recommended. Classic car owners have the option of insuring their vehicle at a normal car rate or accessing special classic car insurance.

Basically, classic car insurance is cheaper than regular car insurance because insurers assume that classic car fans are particularly careful with their cars and only drive them on special occasions. This reduces the risk of accident for the supplier and the associated costs. Another advantage of classic car insurance is that many providers do not have a no-claims class. If these do not exist, clients will not be automatically updated after a claim. The so-called type and regional classes also play no role with some providers.

Low mileage, provided it is taken into account when entering into the contract, usually leads to a cheaper insurance rate and is therefore recommended if it suits your living situation. But even for frequent drivers, there are now insurance policies that do not have a mileage limit.

Motorcycles, commercial vehicles or mobile homes can also be considered classic if the relevant criteria are met. These are: The vehicle is at least 30 years old. It is largely unaltered and original. It is well maintained and preserved.

Vintage cars are vehicles that are over 30 years old. But even from the age of 20 (youngtimers) or even 10 years (newtimers), a vehicle can be insured with classic car insurance. Age limits vary between providers. Classic car insurance is often useful for youngsters or beginners if the value of the vehicle significantly exceeds the price of identical but used models.

A classic car is not defined by an H license plate, but by its age and condition. Therefore, classics with and without historical registration, red numbers, seasonal and changeable license plates can be insured as part of a classic car insurance policy.

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