Storm Damage and Insurance Won’t Pay: You Can

  • absolutely that small letter Note
  • insurance against elemental damage necessary
  • When does she pay? Home insurance?
  • When does she pay? Home insurance?
  • Private liability insurance pay third parties
  • Partial insurance and all risk pay car damage

When storms cover roofs, damage homes, destroy cars and topple trees, different insurance companies regulate damages. We explain here what types of insurance these are.

Mrs. Wenzel and insurance

Marion Wenzel from Bad Neuenahr, one of those affected by the flood disaster in the Ahr valley, reports in the ARD Tagesschau about your experiences with your insurance company. He insured his house against natural hazards.. Barely two weeks after the July catastrophe, one expertsto assess massive damage.

Wenzel took care of the craftsmen, left Dear and sent the documents to the insurance company. The offers were rejected without justification.he tells the reporter.

“I wonder how much I paid for all this insurance when the approval process finally takes so long,” he explains on television. In the meantime, Marion Wenzel has hired a lawyerto assert your claims against the insurance company.

Be sure to read the fine print

What does the example of the Ahr Valley teach us? It makes sense to insure against storms and storms, but since the sums involved are often check insurance companies carefully Y look at the small print (insurance conditions), what is covered and what is not. Meteorologists also assume that there may be several extreme weather events in 2022.

Gerold Happ, from the Haus und Grund Germany homeowners associationconfirmed that Publishing Network Germany (RND) that there are typical reasons when the insurance company refuses to settle the claim. Either there is no protection because the policy does not cover the accident, or the insured has breached his traffic safety duty. One such case would be the rotten tree crashing through the roof during a storm, which the owner of the house had known about for a long time without having done anything. “The insurance company may refuse to pay in whole or in part,” explains Happ. often too They argued about the amount of damage. A look at the insurance contract gives clues as to why there is less money than expected: “For the worth there is less than for him new value”Happ says. And something else complicates things: Because there is no universal storm damage insuranceYou have to think carefully about what should be insured and if the insurance conditions also cover it.

These are the possible options: Tenants must have one Home insurance complete, while owners of houses or apartments add one Home insurance or one Elemental Damage Protection need. For damage to vehicles comes the Partial or all risk insurance on. And the private liability insurance pays damages to third parties.

Natural hazard insurance required

In Germany they are only round 46 percent of all private homes against damage from natural hazards such as high water and insured flooding. claim (it is are:

  • floods elementary damages are considered and must be insured separately (but not due to tidal waves)
  • underground water leak to the earth’s surface as a result of meteorological precipitation or overflow of surface water
  • backwater
  • earthquake
  • sinking
  • landslide
  • snow pressure and avalanches

Insurers can provide natural hazard insurance to rejectyes yours the risk seems too high – like when a house stands on a river that regularly overflows its banks. A deductible is also common. the Stiftung Warentest points out that the additional insurance for natural risks becomes more and more importantas experts expect an increase in severe storms with heavy rain. Sometimes there are huge differences in rates, so you should compare them carefully.

When does residential building insurance pay?

Residential building insurance covers damage to the house or roof caused by storms, hail, fire, lightning, or tap water. However, most insurers only recognize storm damage with at least Wind force eight (speed from 62 km/h) have surged. If the wind partially covers the roof and rainwater damages walls and roofs, it is also insured. Depending on the policy, even damage to garden sheds and garages is included.

The Lightning strikes and starts a fire, the insurance company also has to pay. Also disposal costs Fallen tree must include the policy. However, if water flows into the house from a river or surface water flows from the street, It is not covered by home insurance.

fist-sized worries pieces of hail for damage to the roof, windows or shutters, for example, the building insurer intervenes. If you hit cars, partial comprehensive insurance is responsible.

When does household goods insurance pay?

the Home insurance compensate for the damage Storms, fires, lightning or tap water on personal property: furniture, carpets, technical equipment, clothing or garden tools. Everything that is damaged in the apartment and in the basement is insured.

This generally does not apply to objects. outdoor standing, for example, on the terrace or on the balcony. Is a water damage caused because you forgot to close a window, jump insurance not a. Building/home contents insurance is not responsible for damage by penetrating water.

If the so-called surge in the power supply damages electrical devices (freezer), this is often not insured in standard policies.

Liability insurance pays third parties

the private liability insurance, one of the major insurance companies, may also be liable for storm damage.

ride on it Assault a flower box from the balcony. and hits a bystander, the owner’s insurance company pays the injured party.

This also applies if the The yard owner’s tree hits the neighbor’s car or fence. In multi-family homes, the owner’s civil liability insurance takes care of the settlement of the damages.

Payment of partial and total coverage for car damage

in Car damage from fallen trees only pay one Comprehensive insurance In any case. In case of storm and hail damage to the car, the partial all-risk insurance is covered (often with a deductible). However, most insurers require one Wind force of at least eight.

The comprehensive insurance, on the other hand, is activated regardless of the strength of the wind. It also applies if the damage is self-inflicted, for example because the driver crashed into a fallen tree. In general, however, it is not the replacement value that is insured, but only the current value of the car.

Also in Water damage to parked cars pay partial insurance. However, the insurance company may reject the bill if the car not on time removed from a flooded area when it could have been. a arises engine failure when driving on a flooded road, comprehensive insurance only pays if the flood suddenly it is. Comprehensive insurance can also refuse settlement for gross negligence.

What to do in case of damage?

To maintain, secure and substantiate your claims, you must do the following:

  • report your insurance immediately
  • Talk to the insurance company before you Remove damage or hire a craftsman
  • Try the to limit the damagefor example, pulling objects out of the water
  • document the damagetake photos or record videos with your mobile phone
  • Make a list damaged items

If you and the insurance company don’t get together at all, a independent test procedure to help. You ask the district court for that. appointment of an expert. Look at the matter and determine the extent of the damage. The insurance then receives the information. “You really have something on your hands. In 99 percent of the cases, insurance companies accept the result of the court-appointed expert,” he says. Jens Dtsch, RND insurance law attorney.

Consult benefits and sums insured

All types of insurance have significant price differences. Experts from the Association of Insureds advise against the cheapest insurance without test choose.

More important than the price is that the the required services are really assured and not excluded in the fine print. He too sums insured for certain insured risks they play an important role in the conclusion of the contract.

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