Supply, security and revenue opportunities successfully combined: sustainable product solution with customer benefits

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Enjoy life in a relaxed way, now and in old age: with SI Global Garant Invest.

SIGNAL IDUNA Lebensversicherung AG is currently one of the few insurers that has made its collateralized assets sustainable – from the very first euro! This competitive advantage was created with the founding of SIGNAL IDUNA Lebensversicherung AG. Most competitors can gradually reallocate the coverage pool sustainably. Individual providers only create new incoming contributions in accordance with self-defined sustainability principles.

Pension solution with market specificities

SI Global Garant Invest (SIGGI) has established itself in the market as synonymous with the skilful balance between security and profitability. The pension insurance fund engine reliably guarantees a nice increase in value, while the SIGNAL IDUNA Group, with its solid financial strength, guarantees the premiums. Added to this is the customer-friendly flexibility in the savings and payment phase.

The customer benefits at a glance:

  • Gross premium guarantee between 0 and 80% freely selectable
  • Automatic warranty increase with Security+
  • Retirement options also in the pension
  • process management
  • post breaks
  • Dire Disease Option
  • Excellent offer of sustainable funds
  • Option to increase the old-age pension
  • Unlimited free funds exchange
  • Guaranteed pension increase from 1% to 3%

With SIGGI, private customers can freely choose their guarantee level between 0 and 80 percent. The additional modules “Security+” and “Emergency Management+” also guarantee a little “more” in terms of security. The Sicherheit+ guarantee plan takes effect after five years and automatically ensures provisional benefits. You can be included or excluded at will at any time. Shortly before the savings phase ends, it will be replaced by process management+, which cushions potential price losses in the “last yards” when switching to security-oriented funds. In this way, the two mechanisms, in combination with the premium guarantee, ensure a level of security that also meets the highest demands.

In addition to premium guarantee in an individually selected amount and growth opportunities, SIGGI stands out with a variety of customer-friendly options. This has also been extended again with the new product generation. Because multiple capital withdrawals are now also possible when collecting a pension.

Since the beginning of 2022, the pension fund has been at the top in another category: sustainability. SIGGI is now constantly oriented towards sustainability throughout the term of the contract. Customers’ need for greater sustainability, also for systems, is increasing. SIGNAL IDUNA offers the solution.

“Very Good” Award from the Institute of Pensions and Financial Planning

SIGGI demonstrates what sustainable old-age provision can look like today. The capital of collateral assets and the SI BestInvest special fund is invested in accordance with the ecological and social criteria established in article 8 of the EU Transparency Regulation (TVO). And the third jackpot, the free choice of funds, is also becoming more and more sustainable. For this reason, it has already been awarded the “Very Good” seal by the Institute of Pensions and Financial Planning (IVFP). Of the 33 funds currently available, 16 invest capital in accordance with article 8 and another 5 in accordance with the stricter article 9 TVO. The offer will continue to be optimized in the direction of sustainability in the future.

The (sustainable) future of retirement has begun!

You can find more information here:
SIGNAL IDUNA Global Garant Invest – the next generation – YouTube

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