Sustainably insured? – This is how sustainable insurance is recognized

Insurance companies help us in emergencies and cover our backs. Whether in case of illness, accident or damage, any insured person can count on assistance. But is insurance sustainable? Here you can find out what influence the insurance industry can have on sustainability and which criteria you should pay attention to.

Many people today consciously organize their daily lives according to ecological and ethical aspects. However, this is mainly related to consumer products, energy and mobility. Sustainable insurance products are often not yet on the agenda, although insurance is a big impact on sustainability could have.

When you take out insurance, you also pay regular premiums insurance premiums called, only to later – in the worst case – be insured. Each insurance refers to the principle of collective risk assumption. In other words: Many customers regularly pay into a pot, which the insurance company then uses to cover claims. This is the basic idea of ​​every insurance company.

But what many do not know: What about this pot of money? It’s not just being stuck in an account. On the contrary – Insurance companies are powerful investors. However, the insurance industry is often very opaque and taxpayers often don’t know what’s going on with their money in the fund.

VRK is sustainable insurance.
Insurance companies are powerful investors, so what happens to taxpayers’ money matters. (© 2022 Insurers in the church area)

Insurance Companies: Impact Investors?

Insurance companies need security to stay solvent. They do this by keeping incoming insurance premiums in the form of equity investments invest. If money were simply deposited into an account, it would lose value due to inflation.

Insurers have one with their investments huge impact on the economy, because they decide where our contributions are created. In short: your insurance premiums are paid by your insurance provider based on self-selected criteria and thus incorporated into the course of economics.

but it’s really sustainable? The insurance industry has now recognized that with the right investment, Impact on a sustainable future can have.

Sustainable insurance: what really matters

Very simple: As with sustainable investments, insurance companies have it in their hands. where does your income go and in which companies or projects it invests. may Seal for sustainable investments help with orientation.

The VRK – insurer in the area of ​​churches is so far the only insurance in Germany, which its Fully sustainable contributions – 100 percent of your contributions for a sustainable future! The VRK thus assumes a pioneering role.

Discover the sustainable insurance of the VRK

insurance continues strict ethical and social criteria and only invests in sustainable projects, which is also recognized by the ECOreporter seal. With a current capital investment of 4,400 million euros the VRK thus makes a significant contribution to sustainable development.

VRK clients can rest assured that their funds invest responsibly are and only lead to projects that one real change effect. In addition to the ethical and social aspects, the VRK has contributed to the further development of sustainability filter deliberately added more ecological exclusion criteria.

A sustainable insurance invests wisely the contributions of the insured.
The insurance industry has now recognized that with the right investment, you can make an impact on a sustainable future. (© 2022 Insurers in the church area)

should also without investments more in companies involved in the extraction of thermal coal, oil sands and oil shale. In addition, companies involved in the manufacture of genetically modified plants and seeds invest. Investments are also expressly excluded child labor, violation of human rightscapital punishment, restrictions on religious freedom, cluster bombs, anti-personnel landmines, nuclear weapons, genetic engineering or food speculation.

VRK goes with incoming funds sustainable in the true sense of the word: In addition to attractive and secure income, part of the investment income generated in an ethical and sustainable way actually flows directly in sustainable and social projects.

In short: the VRK not only invests responsibly, but also transparently.

Microfinance as part of the sustainability strategy

Small contributions can make a big difference. The VRK also knows this and therefore deliberately sets microfinance.

Learn more about microfinance at the VRK

Often things that are simple to us can make a big difference in poorer countries. Purchase of a sewing build an existence. that offers the The prospect of a life with enough food and the opportunity of an education for the children.. This is exactly where microfinance comes in: specialized microfinance institutions (MFIs) offer On-site advice and microcredit. Microcredits are granted on a small scale, usually the equivalent of about 1,000 euros. Borrowers use them to buy tools, animals, or a sewing machine, for example, and use them to create a loan. own economic existence build.

Microcredit not only helps borrowers maintain their income and contribute your share to a functioning economy – they also help the whole family: with a deposit of 10,000 euros in a microfinance fund supports about 10 borrowers and their families each year – with currently 41 million euros in deposits in the KCD sustainable microfinance fund at BIB Essen, the VRK gives worldwide many families a livelihood and the opportunity for a future and education.

VRK Sustainable Insurance
VRK is a pioneer in the German insurance market and convinces its clients that they are part of a strong community of values. (© 2022 Insurers in the church area)

Let yourself be insured – sustainably!

having insurance is important and often essential. If you already pay contributions to protect yourself and your family, why not do it right away? invest in sustainability?

Is a positive trendthat the insurance industry is also addressing this issue. The VRK is there Pioneer in the German insurance marketthat convinces its clients to be part of a strong community of values to be someone who works for more humanity and at the same time for climate protection.

Find out about the sustainable policies of the VRK and secure your future sustainably.

Find out more about the VRK’s sustainable policies here

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