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Tesla is not only concerned with the production of electric cars and the development of the charging infrastructure for them, but also with another important factor for car owners: the company now offers its own insurance policies in several US states. ., where the premiums are not lower. overall risk, but dynamically based on specific driving behaviour. This could make driving fairer, because speed drivers in theory pay more and careful drivers pay less. But a Tesla owner from Illinois has now sued because his premium is being inflated by false system alarms.

False alarms make Tesla insurance more expensive

Like many things at Tesla, the security score introduced in the fall of 2021 is also known as a beta. It is based on five factors that are intended to provide information about individual driving risk, including the activation of forward collision warning. When you purchase insurance, it is initially set at 90 and then adjusted monthly to the specifically calculated value between 0 and 100, which is also used to determine the premium. The higher the score, the lower the cost of insurance from the following month. At the same time, it is used as an admission criteria for beta testing with the FSD autopilot software in North America.

In Illinois, Tesla launched its insurance offering in late 2021 with its partner State National Insurance. But one of the customers is now complaining there, as Repairer Driven News reported Thursday. It is even filing a class action lawsuit for anyone who has purchased Tesla insurance from State National. He himself had secured a Model S and a Model 3 there, and both had repeatedly issued ghost warnings, in which there was no danger or danger in front of the electric car. The plaintiff’s safety score has deteriorated, leading to significantly higher premiums.

Known autopilot braking issue

Tesla drivers who don’t want to or can’t buy insurance from the company, but want to be included in the FSD beta test, also have safety score issues. The required values ​​for this, close to 100 points, are said to be difficult to achieve, in part due to the false forward collision warnings also mentioned in the lawsuit. When Adaptive Autopilot cruise control is activated, it can cause hard braking for no apparent reason, even in countries where Tesla insurance and beta software are not yet available. This year there was a backlog of reports of such phantom actions by Tesla’s autopilot system at the US authority NHTSA.

In the class action suit now being sought, Tesla is not named as the contractual partner, only State National as the actual insurer. The owner of the Model S and Model 3 is seeking damages in an amount to be determined in a lawsuit, according to the report. If a ruling is passed on your behalf, it would apply to all Tesla owners who purchased national state dynamic insurance in the United States.

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