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Of: Volker Griese

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The burning production hall of the Kirchhoff company the day after the fire. © Heyn, Volker

The fire at the hardening shop in Kirchhoff, which caused extensive property damage Sunday night, is likely not the result of intent or negligence. The criminal police reached this preliminary conclusion. Meanwhile, the search for the cause of the turntable ladder strike has begun at the Werdohl fire department.

Werdohl ‒ The fire that started in a tempering furnace in the hardening workshop in An der Tumpe had one on Sunday night. five-hour deployment of more than 60 firefighters from Werdohl, Altena and Herscheid requires While Werdohler and Altenaer dealt with firefighting, the people of Herscheid ensured the basic protection of the town of Werdohl by occupying the fire station in Eveking.

To combat the fire, the Werdohl fire brigade had requested the turntable ladder from the Altena fire brigade very early on Sunday night. It was a stroke of luck, because the Werdohl turntable ladder failed during the operation. It could still spread, but then the electronics failed, fire chief Kai Tebrün described what had happened. In the emergency operation, the ladder assembly was able to be retracted again, but the vehicle was no longer suitable for further use in this fire.

On Monday, firefighters immediately began investigating the cause. A truck workshop in Attendorn took matters into their own hands, but quickly realized that the manufacturer Magirus was in demand. “Now a mechanic should come on Tuesday, look at the turntable ladder and maybe even fix it right away,” Tebrün said. The fire department is currently assuming that a relay in the air rescue vehicle, which is now 24 years old, is faulty.

Police had already begun investigating the cause of the fire on the night of the fire. The press office of the district police authority announced the first results on Monday when asked. So far there is no evidence of a crime, police spokesman Christof Hüls said. Therefore, arson is clearly ruled out as a cause. Instead, the police assume a technical defect that could have caused the fire, Hüls said. However, the company’s insurance company has now commissioned an expert to locate the technical defect that probably led to the fire.

The fire on Sunday night was not the first incident. A week earlier, firefighters had to go to the Kirchhoff company because a fire had broken out in the air exhaust system. However, that was quickly put down by the integrated extinguishing system.

Apparently it is not uncommon for small fires to break out at the heat treatment plant, because The hardening of steel involves numerous fire hazards. Metal parts are heated to temperatures of up to 900 degrees Celsius and then immersed in oil baths to cool. Due to the high temperature of hot work pieces, the oil vapor on the surface of the oil bath ignites and can sometimes spread to other system components.

Even nearly 20 years ago in the hardening workshop, which was founded in Altena in 1982 and moved to Werdohl in 1991 and at that time was still operating under the name Kirchhoff & Müller, burned before. The fire started in the extraction system in May 2003, and was later extinguished by firefighters with carbon dioxide to prevent an oil explosion. In 2008, Kirchhoff invested in a modern tempering plant. At Dresel, bolts, nuts, washers, stamped and bent parts, rivets and other mass-produced items are hardened in fully automated continuous furnaces.

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