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Don’t worry, change: if you want to reduce the costs of your car, now you can start with the insurance rate. According to Stiftung Warentest, it is possible to save up to 1,100 euros.

Inflation is eating away at wallets everywhere. The costs of driving a car are also constantly increasing: this is not only due to rising prices for new cars or the fact that fuel is still expensive (despite the current drop), but also, for example, due to auto insurance rates.

Auto insurance offers great savings potential. (Iconic image) © Fotostand / K. Schmitt / IMAGO

Change car insurance now: you can save a lot

However, motorists can fend off this price increase fairly well by shopping around and switching providers if necessary. However, they have to do it in November due to applicable notice periods. In addition, sometimes, for example after an accident, a special right of termination applies. Drivers should also take advantage of this and look for a cheaper policy.

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Change car insurance now: 762 euros less for an electric Renault

The effort and haste may be worth it. because like them Stiftung Warentest Calculated by comparing 158 rates, the savings potential is enormous. A novice driver, for example, has to transfer up to 1,100 euros less when choosing a cheap insurance company for the next year, a couple saves up to 725 euros. Electric car drivers should also compare prices carefully.

That’s how big the differences are between the most expensive insurance and the cheapest (source: Stiftung Warentest)

customer type cheapest rate more expensive rate difference
Couple, one child, VW Touran 272 euros 997 euro 725euros
Rookie driver, Opel Adam 483euros €1,586 €1,103
Electric car, Renault Zoe 330euros €1,092 762 euros

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For the calculation of the exact model of the tariffs, the customer groups and the requirements were specified even more than what is shown here. The full result is available directly from the Stiftung Warentest. His bottom line: “You should review your auto insurance every year. The market is always in motion, and there is a lot of competition between insurers here. Even with an already cheap contract, switching can get you better services for less.”

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