The best travel insurance against Corona and quarantine

– Summer is coming, we are thinking about the holidays. But what if circumstances change at the time of the trip? Or if you get infected? In an uncertain travel year, you need to properly insure yourself before you book. These are insurance for illness and trip cancellation or trip interruption.

If you want to get your money back if you cannot take the trip due to your own illness or the illness of a close relative, you need one trip cancellation insurance. If you only get infected on the way, you only get money, even if it is one trip interruption insurance it’s included. Quarantine protection remains a pain point for many vendors. We then compared the top four providers in the most recent test by Stiftung Warentest and asked them about them.

Corona trip cancellation insurance: the test winners in comparison

TravelSecure/Würzburg you only pay at your standard rate if you are seriously ill with Covid-19. With the Corona travel protection letter, anyone who is placed in an ordered quarantine before or during the trip is also insured for an additional 50 percent, for example, because there is a suspected infection of a fellow traveler who tested positive. However, a positive test alone is still not guaranteed. And you only pay for travel companions if the family and couple option has been booked. Insurance for a trip of 3,000 euros costs 110 euros at the standard rate.

hanseatic mercury Instead, even at the standard rate, if the test is positive, you pay the cancellation fees without hesitation. If you also book Corona protection (surcharge: 10 to 15 percent), you can protect yourself from the airline not taking you with you because they suspect Covid or you have to quarantine during the trip. Test-negative and test-negative fellow travelers are also expressly insured if quarantine is ordered, but only if the Corona travel protection has been withdrawn. Insurance for a trip of 3,000 euros costs 150 euros at the standard rate.

Flying and Corona: These are the most important rules at the airport and on the plane

Namely Travel insurance does not offer pandemic protection at the standard rate, but customers can purchase additional protection against Covid-19. The insurer then pays in case of illness, positive test (PCR test or antigen test confirmed in writing), quarantine ordered by the authorities and if the tourist is turned away at the airport due to high temperature or denied entry. People who have tested negative are also insured in the event of an officially ordered quarantine. Travel companions are only insured if they have taken out insurance themselves. Additional protection costs 13 to 15 euros per trip. Insurance for a trip of 3,000 euros costs 158 euros at the standard rate, and 207 euros for people over 65 years of age.

European Assistance accept proof of Covid-19 disease (or other pandemic disease) at no additional charge, even at the standard rate. A possible cancellation of the trip or the costs of extending it due to Covid-19 illness is also covered. A quarantine, on the other hand, is only ensured in case of illness. Insurance for a trip of 3,000 euros costs 126 euros, and 142 euros for people over 65 years of age.

Vigo is the name of the winner of the test for families

While trip cancellation and interruption insurance should be considered primarily for long, expensive trips, because the potential damage is manageable, one should Health insurance for foreign travel each person with compulsory health insurance has contracted. Now is also the time to look at the fine print for the words “epidemic,” “pandemics,” and “travel advisory.” Therefore services are often excluded. these are loud Stiftung Warentest the best providers:

DKV (Reise Med Tarif RD) is the winner of the test for individual travellers, tied with the Namely Health insurance (RD rate) and also at the same price: 9.90 euros per year and vacationer. The latter is – as for example also with European Assistance Y Allianz Travel Protection is excluded if a travel warning has been issued for the destination country. Ergo claims to be able to act despite the restrictions. However, clients must have this confirmed.

Vigo is the name of the test winner for families, the rate tested was “Green RNA Family Assured”. It costs €46.80 a year for new contracts and includes your own children up to the age of 24 (with otherwise very similar providers DKV and Ergo only up to the age of 17).

Stiftung Warentest also took a close look at them. Free additional Covid protection models from major tour operators. Testers always come to the conclusion that these add-ons cannot replace regular insurance because they are tied to specific travel and booking times and only apply to Covid-19.

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