There are good insurance for less than 50 euros

105 Fees in Financial Test Comparison

Civil liability insurance for dogs: There are good insurance for less than 50 euros

Dog chews on a tattered chair

If the message “Shutdown!” is too late, dog liability insurance saves a lot of stress and money


The cheapest dog insurance in the test.

Some know that their pet has a bad temper, others are surprised when their dog causes them harm. But who pays when the animal destroys someone else’s sofa, gets its claws caught in an expensive dress or, in the worst case, even injures people, either directly through a bite or indirectly through a bite? through a car accident? Finanztest has carefully examined 105 dog liability insurance policies. We tell you the cheapest rates, with which you are well protected in all cases.

That is why civil liability insurance for dogs is important

Dog liability insurance is compulsory in six federal states: Berlin, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein and Thuringia. But Finanztest also recommends that the other owners in Germany take one out, because dog owners are liable with all their property for damage caused by the animal, even if they are not at fault.

If, for example, your four-legged friend gets loose while walking and a traffic accident occurs in which a driver is seriously injured, not only material damage to the car must be covered, but also personal damage. Such a sum would be a financial catastrophe for many without insurance.

minimum requirements

When comparing rates, Finanztest required a certain level of basic protection. This includes, among other things:

  • Payment of at least 10 million euros for personal and material damage
  • The insurance also applies if the holder z. B. violates the obligation to wear a leash or muzzle.
  • Damage caused by another person looking at the dog is covered.
  • Protection abroad (with a stay of at least 3 years in the EU and one year worldwide)
  • Damage to rented items is covered up to a minimum of 500,000 euros.

Two sample dogs from popular breeds were used for the test: the sweet Labrador retriever Bella and the smaller, wilder Jack Russell Terrier Jacky. Based on the financial test, some insurers exclude certain breeds of attack dogs or charge higher annual premiums based on the breed. Therefore, the magazine advises holders to get several offers. With the cheapest rates, however, the differences are minimal.

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Recommendations from our partners

Finanztest recommends these cheap dog liability rates

  • Civil liability insurance for owners of animals from the Black Forest dog: 48 euros of annual premium for 10 million euros of sum insured
  • Upper Austrian Plus, annual premium of EUR 51 for an insured sum of EUR 10 million
  • Responsibility of the owner of the animal Huk24, 56 euros of annual contribution for 10 million euros of sum insured

The Black Forest fee is also available for list dogs or fighting dogs without conditions or surcharges. These providers also had the cheapest rates for Jack Russell Jacky:

  • Adam Riese XL, annual premium 46 euros for 10 million euros of sum insured
  • Liability of the owner of Media Dog, 48 euros for 30 million euros of sum insured

A total of 88 of the 105 rates met Finanztest’s minimum requirements. The complete table can be found on (rka)


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