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35 rates reach the maximum rating FFF+ (excellent).

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Dusseldorf The coronavirus pandemic continues to put pressure on premiums for many auto insurers. Because many people continue to work from home, the number of accidents on Germany’s roads has a positive impact on the accident balance: According to the Federal Statistical Office, a total of 1.45 million traffic accidents occurred from January to August 2021, one percent less. than in the corresponding period of the previous year.

These included 161,200 personal injury accidents (-9 percent). In this context, insurance claims expenses are also falling. Additionally, some providers such as Huk-Coburg and Allianz are refunding 2020 contributions to those customers who continued their policy this year.

In this way, lower expenses have been passed on to customers. The lower claims expenses in many insurers are noticeable in the annual premiums for 2022. This is shown by the current ranking of car insurance companies by the rating agency Franke and Bornberg.

Analyzed and compared the offers of 81 car insurance companies for the Handelsblatt. The amount of the premium represents 30 percent of the evaluation and the quality of the rates represents 70 percent. The sample cases of a novice driver, a father and an older adult were analyzed.

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Motorists should not succumb to the attractive price when looking for insurance for their vehicle. “If you want to trade in your car insurance, you shouldn’t lose sight of quality for price,” recommends Michael Franke, founder and managing partner of Franke und Bornberg.

The quality of motor vehicle rates has increased

Depending on the rate, the service profiles of individual policies differ significantly. This can make insurance that seems cheap at first glance expensive in the event of a loss. Therefore, insurance experts at Franke and Bornberg examine motor vehicle rates based on 63 criteria that they have adjusted this year.

The Handelsblatt publishes the rating agency’s current comparison in time for the 2021 switching season. “A year ago, we significantly fine-tuned our rating criteria,” says Franke, who is satisfied with the quality of the rates most offer. of insurers: “In less than twelve months, the quality of vehicle rates has increased notably”.

This underscores the fierce competition in auto insurance. Insurers rely on the quality criteria defined by Franke and Bornberg to enhance their competitive position. One example: purchase price compensation. For Frank and Bornberg, a supplier must provide purchase price compensation for 24 months to receive the highest FFF+ rating from the rating experts. This is the minimum standard required for a policy with maximum protection: “This feature is now being offered more and more frequently,” says Franke. Consumers in particular benefited from this development.

Compared to last year’s comparison, Franke sees other positive trends. The limits of action in case of damage caused by short circuits or animal bites have increased year after year. Extensions for electric vehicles are increasingly being integrated into products. Here, too, the performance framework is continually being expanded, explains Franke.

The “expansion of natural hazards” criterion has been omitted from the current vehicle rating and has been broken down into the five individual criteria avalanche, landslide, subsidence, volcanic eruption and earthquake. “In this way, better differentiation is possible, since not all insurers cover all aspects,” explains Franke.

35 rates received the highest rating

The trend in the market is that most companies offer more than one rate variant for car insurance. In addition to a basic offer, there are usually other rates with more extensive services. On the contrary, with some policies there is an obligation to go to an authorized workshop of the insurer in the event of an accident.

Franke and Bornberg uses a total of 159 rates from 81 companies for the rating. Additional lockable service extensions result in a total of 309 fare variations. 35 rates reach the maximum rating FFF+ (excellent). A year earlier, only 13 of the 177 tariffs analyzed had been successful.

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