These insurances work best with independent brokers

06/08/2022 – Currently, personal liability policy sales work best with multiple brokers and representatives. It is followed by automobile policies and the investment fund business. After falling 18 positions, Riester’s provision is at the bottom of the sales list. Company health insurance (bKV) and animal owner’s liability insurance rose particularly sharply, each gaining ten places. This is demonstrated by Asscompact Trends II/2022.

Asscompact Trends II/2022 from BBG Betriebsberatungs GmbH shows which product categories are ahead and which are behind in broker sales success for the first quarter of 2022.

342 independent mediators provided information

The quarterly study series is based on an online survey of several hundred independent brokers on sales topics. The net sample size for the current edition is 342 brokers and multiple agents.

The survey was conducted in April 2022. Among other things, participants were asked to rate sales over the past three months across 40 product lines and to name their preferred vendors.


Mutual funds drop to third place

As two quarters ago (VersicherungsJournal December 10, 2021), personal liability insurance was in first place, having fallen to third place in the previous quarter (March 11, 2022). Nearly two-thirds of those interviewed recently reported a “(very) good” business course in this segment.

Auto insurance remained in second place, while mutual funds dropped from one to three. In both areas, sales were “(very) good” for about 63 percent of those surveyed. Household goods insurance defended its fourth place ahead of homeowners insurance, which remained in fifth place (about 60 percent each).

It is followed by the business areas of company shares (from twelve to six), bank loans (from six to seven), life risk (from nine to eight), incapacity for work (from seven to nine) and legal protection of private clients (without changes). in tenth place).

Hit parade of products: the best seller (Image: Wichert)

Riester crashes

At the other extreme of the classification is the Riester arrangement. In the last quarter, the segment had risen from position 33 to 22. The precedent was a true “boom” in the subsidized private old-age pension at the end of the year (January 27, 2022, January 28, 2022).

Only one in nine respondents rated the paragraph “(very) good.” This contrasts with a proportion of almost two-thirds of “(very) bad” evaluations. The penultimate is invalidity insurance (EU), which was only “(very) good” for about one in seven respondents, but “(very) bad” for almost one in two respondents.

Private supplementary care, group accident and fidelity insurance performed only marginally better. Nearly every sixth survey participant reported “(very) good” business. This contrasts with between 45 percent (private care and collective accidents) and 55 percent of “(very) bad” ratings.

Product parade: slow vendors (Image: Wichert)

many ups and downs

Compared to the previous edition of the study, the rankings changed significantly in an unusual way. A total of 18 categories performed better or worse in at least five positions.

The animal owner’s liability insurance (from 21 to 11) and the company’s health insurance (bKV; from 31 to 21) each rose ten places. Comprehensive health insurance climbed eight positions.

In addition to Riester (down 18 places), provision Rürup (from 23 to 34) and cyber insurance (from 13 to 24), which fell eleven positions each, are among the biggest drops.

The 172-page report volume of Asscompact Trends II/2022 costs €1,547 including VAT (annual subscription discount). Sophia Tannreuther can be reached by email or by phone on 0921 7575823.


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