These providers have convinced Stiftung Warentest

Trip cancellation insurance is not only important in times of pandemic. Especially on more expensive vacation trips, you definitely need to protect yourself against illness, accidents and the like. But which insurance companies are really good and offer a safe safety net? Stiftung Warentest looked at several providers and chose a winner.

Trip cancellation insurance: winners at a glance

Stiftung Warentest compared 130 trip cancellation insurance policies from 14 providers. Two vendors were happy with a “very good.” After all, the remaining trip cancellation insurance policies were rated ‘good’ and ‘satisfactory’, only one was rated ‘fair’.


test winner


würzburg insurance cosmos direct
valuation 1.4 (very good) 1.5 (very good) 1.7 (Good)
maximum travel time omitted omitted 31 days
maximum sum insured €15,000 €15,000 €10,000
insured pandemic Yes Yes Only if there was no travel warning
Age ranges for the position Up to 64 / from 65 years Up to 65 / from 66 years Up to 64 / from 65 years

Trip cancellation insurance: The test winners in detail

HanseMerkur trip cancellation insurance

With an overall rating of 1.4 (very good), Stiftung Warentest chose HanseMerkur’s trip cancellation insurance as the test winner. There you can insure trips of up to €15,000 and also benefit from a vacation guarantee (trip cancel insurance insurance) that covers both the cancellation and the extension of your trip.

With HanseMerkur insurance you also protect yourself against a Covid-19 infection before and during the trip. A positive PCR test is enough for a covered withdrawal.

The insurance is available without excess. The contribution is €38 for a trip up to €500, €54 up to €1,000 and €144 up to €3,000.

“Travelsecure” of the Würzburg insurance company

Würzburger Versicherung’s “Travelsecure” trip cancellation insurance also received an overall rating of 1.5 (very good). You can also insure trips up to €15,000. Children up to 24 years old are also insured at the family rate.

Conveniently, there is a calculator on the website that you can use to calculate your sum insured in just a few minutes with no obligation. You can also book international health insurance directly.

The insurance is available with and without excess. Stiftung Warentest, however, advises choosing the variant without a deductible. The cost of insurance for a trip up to €500 is €33, up to €1,000 €51 and up to €3,000 about €112.

CosmosDirekt trip cancellation insurance

With an overall rating of 1.7, CosmosDirekt’s trip cancellation insurance also earned an overall “good” rating. You can insure trips up to €10,000. While that’s a lower limit than the competition, it should cover most family trips just fine.

With this insurance, the protection not only refers to the costs of cancellation, change of reservation and termination, but also covers the extra costs in case of delay in a means of transport. However, unlike the test winner and “Travelsecure”, there is a maximum travel duration of 31 days, so longer trips are not insured.

CosmosDirekt trip cancellation insurance is available without excess. The contribution to pay is €27 for a trip up to €500, €44 up to €1,000 and around €132 up to €3,000.

mickey moses

blessing in disguise

We had booked our dream vacation to Mauritius (a wish we had had for years!) and the day before departure, Justus walked down two steps into the nursery. The result of the examination: suspected concussion. I really couldn’t believe it! Thanks to our trip cancellation insurance, we recovered all but a very small part and were able to book again, this time for “only” twelve days instead of two weeks. But it was amazing and remains one of my dream destinations to this day!

The most important questions and answers about trip cancellation insurance

Family vacations are usually expensive enough to insure properly. Because if it falls in the water, you don’t want to keep the full price. So it’s good to know what to look for. Here we answer the most important questions about trip cancellation insurance.

Do I need trip cancellation insurance?

First question first: Do I need trip cancellation insurance? If you book a cheap flight for €20, you can save on trip cancellation insurance, since the price of the insurance would be higher than that of the cheap flight. On the other hand, trip cancellation insurance makes sense for expensive trips that are booked well in advance. But also for families If you have small children, it may be worth taking out such insurance.

What cases does trip cancellation insurance cover?

It’s not enough for the insurer if you just change your mind about a trip, something serious has to happen. These cases include:

  • Serious illnesses: What is considered a serious illness is regulated by a catalog that is binding throughout the industry.
  • Accidents that prevent travel
  • Vaccination intolerance when traveling to distant or exotic countries: very important, especially for children!
  • In case of unforeseen unemployment
  • In the event of an unforeseen job change resulting in a vacation ban
  • Repetition of exams related to training because they were not passed the first time
  • In case of elementary material damage such as B. Fire damage
  • in case of death
  • Attention: Travel warnings, such as B. at the time of the corona pandemic Nope as a reason. Compensation is usually the responsibility of the tour operator.

How soon should I decide on trip cancellation insurance?

As a general rule, insurance cannot be taken out more than 14 days after booking. But don’t panic if you forget. There is also trip cancellation insurance that can be taken out up to 14 days before departure. It is questionable whether he can pick the winner of “Stiftung Warentest”. Therefore, it is always best to look for suitable insurance when planning your trip.

Trip cancellation insurance: protection against Corona?

As already mentioned, in the case of pandemic conditions, for example when travel advisories are issued, tour operators are liable in most cases. If a travel warning has not been issued, but you still get sick from Covid-19, insurers handle protection differently. Some pay the cancellation fee upon submitting a positive test result. Some require a certificate. Stiftung Warentest recommends asking the provider directly before taking out trip cancellation insurance to find out how they currently regulate it.

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