This is mandatory in Germany.

Electric scooters were approved for road use in mid-2019. Since then they can be found everywhere on the streets. In many cities you can borrow some and use them to get from A to B. If you don’t think much of sharing services, you can simply buy your own electric scooter. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using it. This also includes the obligation to take out civil liability insurance.

Insurance for e-scooters: you should know that

The required insurance is for light electric vehicles. You can find these with most insurance companies for moped insurance. It is mandatory to take out civil liability insurance.

Insurance companies also offer you partial coverage, which you can also hire. When you take out the insurance, you will receive a sticker that you will have to stick on the back of your electric scooter.

For how long is insurance valid?

Like the insurance for the moped, the insurance is valid for one year. This means the period between March 1 and the last day of February of the following year. So if you only take out your insurance in January, it is only valid until the end of February. Prices vary accordingly. Insurance doesn’t cost as much in January as it does in March. In February, the insurance expires automatically and must be renewed manually. All other prices mentioned refer to the start of the insurance from March 1.

insurance and old age

In principle, drivers must be at least 14 years old. The insurance applies to all people who want to ride the e-scooter. Prices depend on the age of all passengers. As a general rule, there is a price difference as soon as all passengers are 23 years old. There is an additional gradation for DEVK insurance. It is subdivided again: If a person is under 17, it will be even more expensive. Allianz also makes a different distinction, here it only gets cheaper when the drivers are 25 years old.

Civil liability insurance and partial insurance

You can decide if motor vehicle liability insurance is enough for you or if you want to have partial comprehensive insurance. It is not possible to take out comprehensive insurance for e-scooters, as it is possible with cars

The civil liability insurance offers you coverage of 100 million euros for personal injury, material damage and economic loss. HUK currently has the cheapest offer for people over 23 years old. Civil liability insurance is available to all drivers over the age of 23 for as little as €17. Under 23 years, the insurance costs 24 euros.

insurance companies liability insurance Liability + partial insurance Responsibility + partially comprehensive + comprehensive electrical
ADAC from 45.01 euros from 81.01 euros from 89.92 euros
alliance from 28 euros over 25 years
from 48 euros under 25 years
additional €9.99
barmenia €53.90 50 euros
Concord 29 euros over 23 years
59 euros under 23 years
58 euros over 23 years
88 euros under 23 years
DEVK 24.80 euros over 23 years
38 euros up to 22 years
49 euros up to 17 years
43.80 euros over 23 years
69 euros up to 22 years
89 euros up to 17
the bavarian 24.80 over 23 years old
37.40 under 23 years
49.80 euros over 23 years
64 euros under 23 years
HUK 15 euros over 23 years
24 euros under 23 years
33 euros over 23 years
43 euros under 23 years

Partial coverage also covers damage caused by fire, explosion, theft, storm, hail, and hunting. An excess of 150 euros must be paid. In some cases, the sum may be higher. With the Concordia, the excess is 300 euros in case of theft and 150 euros for all other damages.

However, there are other insurance companies with offers. For example, Bayerische offers you that if you have been without accidents with your e-scooter for several years, the discount for no claims on your car insurance will increase.

Electric insurance for e-scooters

Some insurance companies offer you the option of taking out additional electrical insurance. What does that mean? Expenses for damage caused by animal bites, short circuits or surges are covered here. Allianz even pays if your charger is stolen, for an additional charge of 9.99 euros.

ADAC also offers you electric insurance. The total package of civil, partial and all electrical liability insurance costs 89.92. If you are already an ADAC member, you will receive a 10 percent discount on e-scooter insurance.

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