This way, you don’t have to bear the costs if you cancel your trip.

If the corona test is suddenly positive shortly before the holiday, it means: cancel the trip. The right trip cancellation insurance can help. You must take this into account when making your selection.

A positive corona test shortly before the start of your vacation frustrates your travel plans at what is probably the most inconvenient time. The holidays are gone and relaxation with them. It’s good if at least you don’t have to bear the travel expenses. In this case, trip cancellation insurance can help.

However, according to the magazine “Finanztest” (Issue 1/2021), insurance is not mandatory, even in times of Corona. Because it does not protect against any risk that is truly existential. However, for certain groups of people, trip cancellation insurance may make sense, if certain points are observed.

For whom is the celebration of insurance useful?

The experts at “Finanztest” recommend taking out insurance, especially if the trip is very expensive. The policy also makes sense for people who are at higher risk of cancellation. This applies, for example, to families with young children or the elderly.

Elke Weidenbach recommends that if you have the money for trip cancellation insurance, you should also insure your trip cancellation at the same time. consumption center NRW.

Trip cancellation insurance only compensates the insured persons if the vacation has not yet started. Already after checking in at the airport, you need cancellation insurance to be reimbursed for the costs of unused travel services and reimbursed for the return trip. Both policies are often available in a combined product.

What should you pay attention to when hiring insurance?

Travel insurance can be contracted both for individual trips and for annual protection. According to the experts at “Finanztest”, the annual protection is worth it if you make several trips a year. So an annual family contract would make sense for families.

Currently, it’s important to make sure the policy takes effect in the event of a pandemic, says consumer advocate Weidenbach. With some insurers, pandemics are excluded. Others only offer protection through paid supplemental insurance.

“Finanztest” also recommends not taking out excess travel insurance.

When do trip cancellation insurance pay?

The insurance covers cancellation costs if the insured has to cancel the planned vacation for a personal, serious and unforeseen reason. According to Stiftung Warentest, this includes illness, accident, intolerance to vaccines, pregnancy or the death of a close relative. Insurance also typically covers serious home damage caused by fire or theft, as well as job loss.

Trip interruption insurance also covers the costs of an early return trip and reimburses the portion of unused travel services.

What applies if you test positive for Corona before the trip?

Even insurers that cover pandemics act very differently in this case, the “Finanztest” test has shown. Some already pay cancellation costs upon submitting a positive test result. Some also asked for a medical certificate. Others only paid if the insured or a fellow traveler had symptoms or even severe symptoms and could prove them.

Some providers also pay if the insured has to quarantine. Others only if the quarantine is due to his own illness, as Elke Weidenbach explains. Therefore, “Finanztest” recommends always asking the respective provider.

In what cases does the insurance not pay?

“One travel warning itself is not a reason for withdrawal or termination,” says Weidenbach. The insurance also does not compensate for corona-related restrictions at the holiday destination.

In these cases, however, package travelers often have the right to cancel the trip anyway and get their money back from the organizer. Individual tourists must take into account the cancellation rules when making the reservation.

According to Weidenbach, anyone who cancels the trip for fear of infection also has no chance of seeing money from the insurance company. According to Stiftung Warentest, there is also a registered risk encounter in the corona warning app no reason for cancellation.

What if the current insurance does not cover the specifications of the pandemic?

If the existing travel insurance does not kick in in the event of a pandemic, you can make sure when booking that cancellations of flights and overnight stays, for example, are still possible free of charge at very short notice. Otherwise, only the correction helps. If the waiting time until the next vacation is sufficient, the existing policy can be canceled and a new one booked.


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