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stolen bike? broken wheel? ADAC bike insurance with theft and repair protection helps, whether it’s a new or used bike or electric bike.

As a result of the Corona pandemic, the number and use of bicycles has also increased significantly. Electric bikes in particular are still in fashion. A mostly expensive company, because prices start around 3,000 euros. Upward trend. It is even more painful when the pedelec is stolen. The new ADAC bicycle insurance offers comprehensive protection in such a case.

  • Every year around 100 million euros in damages due to bicycle theft

  • The amount of damage has almost doubled.

  • ADAC bicycle insurance protects bicycles and electric bicycles, new and used

As police crime statistics from the Federal Ministry of the Interior show, in 2021 more than 233,000 bicycles reported stolen in Germany. Compared to the previous year, theft has decreased by 10 percent. The reason: Many people worked from home, so there were fewer bikes poorly secured or carelessly parked. The number of unreported cases is likely to be significantly higher, as all crimes are underreported.

Bicycle theft: damage rises to record levels

According to statistics from the German Insurance Association (GDV), the amount of damage caused by a stolen bicycle will also reach a record level in 2021. As in the previous year, this is around €110 million. The average damage has increased in the last ten years of 440 to 860 euros almost doubles. The increase shows that the theft of expensive bikes and electric bikes in particular continues.

Our five tips against bike theft

  1. If possible, park your bike in your own line of sight or where it is clearly visible to others. Avoid unsafe parking spots, document location and safety with cell phone photo if in doubt

  2. Use a high quality u-lock to secure

  3. Connect instead of block, even in closed rooms

  4. If possible, remove or secure accessories (e.g. lighting, saddle, kickstand and mounts)

  5. Make sure you have adequate insurance coverage, especially for high-priced bikes.

Opportunity makes thieves, so expensive bikes should only be parked safely if possible. A high-quality bike lock is a must here, especially folding locks are recommended

Bicycles are best stored in closed rooms. But even in the basement or garage, racing bikes, mountain bikes or electric bikes are not safe from thieves. So always there too lock all doors, windows, and garage doors.

Optimum protection against bicycle theft

The persistently high level of damage is mainly due to the increased market share of high-priced electric bicycles. In this context, the ADAC now offers bicycle insurance based on needs. ADAC insurance companies thus add another component to their extensive mobility portfolio.

Modern mobility today is characterized by the simultaneous use of several means of transport. Many of us also get around on high-quality two-wheelers. Therefore, insuring private vehicle fleets should also include bicycles and pedelecs.

Claudia Tuchscherer, CEO of ADAC Versicherung AG©ADAC SE

According to Zweirad-Industrie-Verband eV (ZIV), the average cost of a bicycle in Germany in 2021 is around 1,395 euros. The trend is clearly growing. “With our scalable offer, you can secure one bike, but also all bikes in a shared home. We want to address families in particular and offer them the best possible protection claudia tuchscher. ADAC bicycle insurance covers damage due to theft and repair. It is responsible for repairs caused by accidents and wear and tear, as well as damage caused by vandalism. ADAC members receive a 10 percent discount.

ADAC Bicycle Services

Services in the area of ​​bicycles and e-bikes have been the focus of the ADAC for several years. Founded in 1903 as a club for German two-wheelers, ADAC has not only been using electric bike breakdown assistance since 2016, but has also been offering electric bikes for sale and subscription since 2019.

From June 2022, bicycle breakdown assistance will be offered throughout the country. “To do justice to the growing importance of mobility on two wheels, the range of services and offerings in this segment must be future-oriented,” he said. claudia tuchscher. “With ADAC bike insurance, we are taking the next important step on this path.”

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