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Vienna Insurance Wiener Versicherung, a company in the “multi-line insurance” market, is currently (as of 18:16) trading unchanged at EUR 21.3, the company’s local stock exchange is Vienna.

The way Vienna Insurance Wiener Versicherung is currently assessed is the result of a multi-stage analysis. We have selected 7 categories, each of which leads to the result “Buy”, “Hold” or “Sell”. These results are finally consolidated in the global result.

1. Sentiment and rumours: At the Vienna Insurance Wiener Versicherung, there has been a significant shift in sentiment towards the positive in recent weeks. A mood swing occurs when the mass of market participants in social networks, which forms the basis of this evaluation, have a bias towards particularly positive or negative topics. As positive anomalies were recorded at the Vienna Insurance Wiener Versicherung in this regard, we rate this criterion “Buy”. Regarding the strength of the discussion, that is, the change in the number of publications, no significant differences could be identified. We honor this with a “Retain” rating. In short, Vienna Insurance Wiener Versicherung gets a “buy” for this level.

2. Investors: The mood of investors at Vienna Insurance Wiener Versicherung in discussion forums and opinion columns on social media is generally positive. This is reflected in the statements and opinions of the last two weeks, which we evaluate for you in order to obtain another rating factor for the stock. It turned out that over the past few days, the focus of discussions has been on positive topics in particular, meaning the title received an overall “Buy” rating. In our opinion, this means that the general mood of investors is “buy”.

3. Bottom line: With a current P/E of 8.06, Vienna Insurance Wiener Versicherung is below the industry average (50 percent). The Insurance branch has a score of 16.24. Therefore, from today’s perspective, the stock is undervalued and is rated “buy” based on fundamental criteria.

Should Vienna Insurance investors sell immediately? Or is it worth starting?

How will Vienna Insurance develop now? Is it worth entering or should investors sell? You can find the answers to these questions and why you need to act now in Vienna Insurance’s current review.


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