Until the end of November 2022: change your car insurance and save a lot

  • 2023 increase the bonds For him Car insurance
  • savings up to half are possible
  • 30 per cent they are in for travelers
  • low mileage you can also save
  • special right of termination allows you to change insurance company

Drivers will have to adjust to higher auto insurance premiums in 2023. Inflation and increasingly expensive parts cause repair costs to rise. From the point of view of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, BaFin for short, is therefore a Unavoidable price adjustment. Despite the price level increase, you can use one car insurance change Save money. A comparison is worth it.

In 2023, auto insurance premiums will increase

BaFin expects 2023 to be a difficult year for the insurance industry. At the annual insurance supervisory conference, BaFin CEO Frank Grund warned: “Insurers need to storm-proof their business.” According to Grund’s assessment, the increase in inflation will therefore occur in 2023 “will necessarily lead to higher premiums on property and casualty insurance.”

Motorists can still save a lot of money by switching auto insurance. According to the calculations of the comparison portal CHECK24, this can be several hundred euros per year. In the best casein the case of a family with a child entitled to drive, that would be up to 843 euro – compared to the average premium.

New drivers have the greatest savings potential of up to 47 percent. At the cheapest rate they pay 634 euros per year. On average, all CHECK24 rates cost 1,207 euros for this profile. Car owners can cancel their insurance until the November 30 deadline and benefit from better prices when switching.

It is possible to save up to half

“Changing auto insurance is always worth it,” says Michael Roloff, CHECK24’s general manager of auto insurance. “On existing contracts, we are currently seeing strong premium increases averaging more than ten percent. Consumers should compare prices and choose the rate with the most suitable services. All information must be given truthfully so as not to jeopardize insurance coverage.”

And these are the results of the CHECK24 calculation. The potential savings on motor vehicle insurance through a change of provider – calculated for eight sample cases.

  • low mileagecheapest rate: 201 euros, savings potential: 31%
  • Travellerscheapest rate: 633 euros, savings potential: 30%
  • e-driverscheapest rate: 251 euros, savings potential: 29%
  • novice drivercheapest rate: 634 euros, savings potential: 47%
  • public service employeescheapest rate: 443 euros, savings potential: 41%
  • family with a child who has the right to drivecheapest rate: 1,444 euros, savings potential: 37%
  • old peoplecheapest rate: 301 euros, savings potential: 32%
  • Free-lancerscheapest rate: 632 euros, savings potential: 31%

Special right of termination enables change of insurance company

If the car insurance increases the contribution, all policyholders have a special right of termination. You can then change within four weeks of receiving the letter. However, it is not always easy detect price increases. If, for example, the rate and regional class improve and the no-claims class goes up, auto insurance should be cheaper. Due to the price increase, the difference is then less without you as the policyholder noticing it.

According to Verivox, price adjustments when switching insurance are more moderate. Compared to October 2021, all risk insurance has increased in price by an average of five percent, civil liability insurance by three percent and all risk insurance by two percent, all for the price segment medium. Existing customers, on the other hand, should expect a further increase in premium.

next to one insurance change There are other ways consumers can use their Car insurance saves:

  • The contribution is not monthly, but pay annually.
  • A binding workshop to accept.
  • A higher deductible Select.
  • Please provide exact annual mileage. – Noisy financial advice just 5,000 kilometers make a difference of up to 15 percent in the bonus.


Everything is getting more expensive: Of course, insurance companies want to be a part of that. For insurers, car insurance is a massive business that runs on super cheap rates. Advice is rarely required, which is why business is increasingly conducted online. The price is the decisive criterion.

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